Blog Post 3/17/17: Starting over.

Decided to erase my old collecting blog and start over.

This time around I won’t be doing the same thing all the time and will be shifting my focus to Scifi and covering some figures every so often and making more photos since I need to get back to going outside and taking photos again.

I need to keep writing since it helps with keeping my mind clear and I enjoy writing blogs sometimes so it’s not over yet fully with things and I am working on starting over fresh and after clearing out a lot of years of posts I’m happy to be at this point.

Right now things are moving along fairly well and as long as I stick to focusing on what’s interesting to me I’m fine.

Currently my interests are in Space Exploration and Astronomy, and there have been a lot of cool things going on with that since my news feed on Twitter is filling with news of upcoming rocket launches and lots of images from Space and I’m focused on looking at Landscapes again so it feels great to get away from looking at figures.

Wiped out the last decade or so of work online and I’m ready to start over with writing blogs again but I still need to decide on what to write about.