Collection Post 3/17/17: Another Weekend.

Well this week went by fast, I am looking forward to the next episode of Star Wars Rebels this weekend.

Maul Vs Obi-Wan

I hope that the episode “Twin Suns.” will be worth the wait and I’ve gotten interested in Star Wars Rebels again, Season 3 drew me back in and it’s been an entertaining season and I’m hoping that this upcoming episode will be an enjoyable one.

Haven’t done a lot this past week, got in a Star Wars Aayla Secura Poster that was framed and put up on the wall as soon as it came in.


I still like Aspen Comic’s Fathom series and pulled out the old Fathom posters that have been gathering dust in the closet, right now the room is looking better and I will be shifting my focus back to collecting Comics over the rest of the year and Aspen is releasing Graphic Novels this year so I’m happy about that.

Aspen Comics Released the Fathom Blue Volume 1 Series Graphic Novel and I’ll have to pick that up off Amazon this coming week or if I can find it at the local comics shop up in Memphis when I get out to check there.

Looking forward to the Fathom Kiani Volume 1 Graphic Novel along with the Fathom Volume 4 The Rig and Volume 5 Cold Destiny. There are some Aspen Soulfire Graphic Novels coming out too and those will be picked up as soon as they come out.


It would be nice if Aspen releases more Graphic Novels this year, good thing is these Graphic Novels will fit into the budget for the year and I’ll spend more time reading this year.

Still need to pick up some more Green Lantern books so I’m not finished with Comics and there are still some older X-Men books to check out.

There is at least one more figure that’s on the list to look into getting and that’s the Transformers Master Builder 01 Arch Enemy, a Masterpiece Scaled RID Scourge and I like how it looks so It might be added into the collection before the end of the month.


3rd Party Transformers are the only things keeping me interested in Transformers right now, there are a few that get my attention but I’ll stick to getting a figure here and there as planned over the course of the year.

Just another weekend beginning and it’s been a good month so far,  March has warped by and only things that were added to the collection this month were Gi Joe Vehicles and one Macross figure.

Shipped out at least 4 packages this month and have 1 more to ship and that should be it till the end of the month and then I’ll be finished with shipping for a while and by the start of next month things should be moving along pretty smoothly to where I won’t be thinking about doing any sales or cleaning out anymore.

It’s been a good week and I don’t plan to do a lot this weekend except more of the usual watching Scifi and I’ll have to get back to watching some Anime so that means I’ll watch Mobile Suit Gundam and Macross Frontier again.

I will not be updating this blog as often as I did the old one so I’m still going to focus on Collecting for a little while longer and decide on what to blog about this year.


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