Collection Post 3/30/17: Another month passing by.

Well I fell off the Wagon.

I was doing very well with sticking to doing a few things and not spending a lot but all it took was going to the Casino again and then I went back to looking at a few things that I wanted online since I am getting tired of the Casino and if I wanted to loose money at the push of a button I would be better off sticking to getting things online and at least I would get something out of it instead of feeding a Slot Machine.

I’m not a Gambler.

I’m not the type to spend hours at a casino and at best can spend less than half an hour there before I get tired of it, my interest in going to the Casinos down in Tunica is dropping and I’m happy about that.

I am feeling nostalgic for Gi Joe and have been focusing on that series and I like the Gi Joe Vehicles more than the figures so I’ve been hunting up a few of the 30th Anniversary Vehicles and recently got a few in Trade from a good friend that’s been getting my Transformers and Macross figures from me so I’m now down to where I just want a few Gi Joe Vehicles here and there and I didn’t go over budget this month so that’s another thing that’s made me pretty happy to finish the month off with a little bit saved up.


Masterpiece Optimus Prime and Soundwave survived the Transformers collection purge, down to just a few Titans Returns figures and Six Shot is the only leader class figure left in the collection.


Skysweeper Jet, Mole Pod,and HISS Tank were gotten through Trade. The Cobra Night Raven drone should be completed shortly.

I don’t want this to become a habit again so I should be happy with what vehicles I have picked up.

What was picked up this month?

Gi Joe 30th Anniversary Sky Striker -Arrives tomorrow-
Gi Joe 30th Anniversary Silent Strike Battle Pack
Gi Joe 30th Anniversary Battle Below Zero Battle Pack

There was something that was a very nice surprise added to the list:

Gi Joe Vintage Sky Patrol Sky Raven -has some Chrome Wear, missing one or two things but it’s mostly complete so that’s another project to work on getting it complete.

The Sky Patrol Sky Raven wasn’t on my list but after I got the Night Raven I wanted to check for the Sky Raven and came across one at a decent price so it didn’t break the bank and all things considered between the 6 Gi Joe vehicles that were picked up I’m pleased with what was spent.

Went to Animax this month and picked up an Gundam Robot Damashii ANIME Version RX-78 and the HG Origin Guncannon kit, didn’t really plan for those but since they were there I decided to pick them up and I could afford to get those.


The old HGUC Guntank works well with the RD ANIME Version figures.

Picked up a Star Trek Deep Space Nine Runabout for $15 at the Comic and Model Shop down from Animax, I wish I had picked up the USS Defiant they had that was new in box but it was a little bit more than what I wanted to spend after buying the RD RX-78 Gundam and Guncannon kit so I was happy to finish that shopping trip without spending too much.

Picked up the Robot Damashii ANIME Version Guncannon, RGM-79,and Char’s Z’gock off Amazon since their prices were pretty good and I will end up getting the Gouf possibly next month if I feel like it.

The only downside to buying a few things that weren’t on my initial list for the month is that now I’m back to not having much to look up and it’s back to working on staying away from the online stores that I use since I’m back to not feeling like I want to get anything online.

I’m still resisting the urge to get back to collecting Anime figures and to watch more Anime but I just don’t feel like going back to it after everything I went through last year to get ahead of things and I am ahead of things right now so It’s for the best to avoid going back to collecting that stuff since I am happier with sticking to just a few things that fit into my budget a lot easier.


As usual I remind myself that I don’t have space for anything else since these shelves are crowded and right now I don’t want to deal with crowded shelves so I’ll be packing things away soon.  The Rise of Cobra Night Raven was one of the vehicles I got in trade and it takes up an entire shelf.

Picked up one Starship this month, the DST Starship Legends Enterprise E and I got one that didn’t have the copyright logo on the Warp Nacelles so I’m glad about that and it looks great sitting next to the Gi Joe Shuttle and DS9 Runabout.


Started to work on getting rid of my Robotech Masterpiece figures that were in the Display Case, I like the Macross Frontier Chogokins a lot better than those so I’ll end up keeping only one of the Valks from the Masterpiece line.

Still have the NECA TMNT Turtles on Preorder but Raphael was pushed back till Early April so looks like those are the only things I will be waiting for.

I need to get to watching some Anime again, I have not watched a lot lately and ended up adding the Ah My Goddess series back into my DVD Library and right now I’m just wondering where I’m going to park the Gi Joe Sky Raven and the 2 Sky Strikers that are coming in.

Ended up buying at least two CD Soundtracks and normally I don’t pick up CDs that often but picked up the Rogue One Soundtrack along with Superman Man of Steel’s Soundtrack too add to the Soundtrack collection.

Still working on making sure that I don’t do a lot due to the always present issue of not having enough display space, I should have that taken care of soon since I plan to pack a lot of things away and get it down to where there are only a few Aircraft on display.

As usual looking forward to things getting in over the next week and once those packages are mailed they might be the last ones to get mailed for a while since I don’t want to do that anymore.

That’s it for this month, March went by fast and I hope April will be a good month.


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