Collection Post 4/1/17: A new month.

So far things are moving along well.

April starts up with a little bit saved from last month’s collecting budget and it’s the first time in a very long time that I managed to make my budget last an entire month.

The budget was supplemented by a few sales this month from cleaning out a few things and that helped a lot but if I had been in full control and not succumbed to nostalgia I would not have made a few of the impulsive purchases that used up a lot of the budget so this month I plan to do better.

I’m happy to say that I’m moving forward from collecting Gi Joe and am back to where I should be with nothing jumping out to get my attention.

The Collection expanded a little in March and the last thing added to the collection was the NECA TMNT 1990 Raphael since Animax got that in stock and was able to get that through their Facebook page so I’m happy to mark that off the list and Raphael will be arriving this coming week.

Raphael will look great next to Donatello and I’ll have to find a display spot that will work for them.

Only thing I’m currently looking into is the Gi Joe SDCC 2015 50th Anniversary Crimson Strike and the first thing picked up this month was a cheap Macross Delta SQ Prize Figure of Mirage in her pilot suit from a US Seller on ebay and the next item should be the Gi Joe Eaglehawk Helicopter if I get that one off ebay.


Everything I have been focused on has fit into the budget and fit into the revised limits for collectibles so things are working out with that plan and while I am focused on moving away from collecting it’s still hard to get away from the temptations for stuff due to nostalgia.

The Sky Raven was the only major impulse purchase in March, and Raphael was the last item picked up that month.

Two expensive items added to the collection in March, everything else was well within my revised limits for collecting so i just need to do better this month and save a little bit more.

The next NECA 1/4th Turtle is Leonardo and he comes out next month so I just need to wait patiently till then and try to avoid looking at a lot of Gi Joe vehicles and stick  to the items I have on my list.

Gi Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are two of the first toy lines I remember collecting or playing with when I was young and I wanted Gi Joe back in this collection so I am happy to be at a point to where it was only a few vehicles and NECA’s TMNT 1/4th Scale Turtles.

Still fending off the temptations to jump back into Gundam Model Kits and Robot Spirits figures so I have at least one more month of dealing with Nostalgia if I my self restraint can hold up.

The current plan for shifting the collection display to being focused on Aircraft is moving along and I’m just waiting for the Sky Raven to get in this week.

The top part of the bookshelves where I normally displayed my figures was always crowded, now it looks a lot better and it’s easier to clean.

Right now I’m hoping to get to where I do better with things this month and I’ll continue to clean out a few more things and get to where I will relax and enjoy things again.


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