Collection Post 4/2/17: The Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Complex Hunt.

It has begun.

Today marks the start of the hunt for the last collecting “Holy Grail.”

The Defiant Shuttle Launch Complex.

The Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Launch Complex hunt has started and due to saving a little bit from last month I have managed to secure the Booster part of the Defiant Launch Complex and found a Center Tail Fin for the Defiant Shuttle.

With the Booster marked off the list of things to hunt for I’m now looking for a Defiant Shuttle that’s in good condition to restore and if I can get the Shuttle to go with the Booster I should be satisfied enough to where I’ll hunt for parts for the launch complex crawler and build that over the next few years since I’m not sure how long it would take to complete a Defiant Launch Complex so right now the Defiant Shuttle is my primary focus.

This Gi Joe vehicle has been on my list for so long that I am excited to begin the process of hunting for the Shuttle after getting the Booster off ebay and the Booster is in pretty good condition too and it was picked up at decent price and only has a few missing parts to get it completed.

One of the things that has helped me to decide to get it was looking at some reviews on Youtube and there are a few reviews but not that many and this is one of the reviews that helped me to make the decision to get the shuttle.’s Defiant Launch Complex page is an great reference page and I find myself checking it out every so often looking at what parts this behemoth has and when I’m on ebay searching for various items I’ll do a search for the Gi Joe Shuttle from time to time and see what comes up and over the last month or so I have seen a few Shuttles pop up and one or two Boosters so I’m pleased to have secured the booster.

I will still have to find space to display the Booster and Shuttle when that’s picked up, but after securing the Shuttle Tail Fin that should make restoring a shuttle pretty easy since most shuttles listed on ebay have broken Center Tail fins and the Shuttle will be added to the collection before the end of April.

After taking care of getting the SDCC 2015 Crimson Strike set using some Ebaybucks to cut the cost of that down the Booster was the first thing on my list to get and all it took was a quick search on ebay and managed to secure a booster that didn’t break my bank and this month starts off to a good Start with marking a big part of this Holy Grail off my list.

Now I just hope I can avoid getting obsessive over the Shuttle and I just need to relax and wait since I have a good feeling that I’ll come across the Shuttle at a decent price and I still need to find Payload for the Crusader Shuttle to get that one completed.

This has been a pretty good weekend, while I went through all of what I had left from last month’s budget having that little bit of extra funds saved helped to get this objective off my list.

I’m looking forward to this coming week due to what’s coming in and the Shuttle Booster will get here before the end of the week along with the Crimson Strike Set and the Sky Patrol Sky Raven is arriving on Monday so this is one of those odd times where I look forward to Monday.

That’s it for this update.


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