Collection Post 4/3/17: A Tale of two Defiants.

The Defiant Shuttle Hunt is now 90% Complete.

This week started off with hunting for the Shuttle’s Tail Fins and the Right and Left Tail Fins for the Defiant were picked up from the same seller on ebay.

The Seller had a Defiant Shuttle listed and the Cockpit Canopy parts and using best offer I was able to secure the Shuttle,Cockpit Canopy,and the 2 Fins that were picked up and they were all shipped together so that saved on shipping.

Another thing that was unexpected from that seller is that they had parts for the Booster and tossed in the missing Thrusters I needed to get the Booster to 99% Completion and that was a very nice surprise so this week is off to a great start.

After settling in and relaxing a bit I decided to check for the Star Trek Playmates USS Defiant and found one a lot cheaper than the one I passed up last month at the Comic Shop and had to pick that one up so now one of my favorite Starfleet vessels is warping into the collection this week.


A lot of items shipped today so it’s back to waiting for a few things coming in and there was another part picked up today: The Crane Assembly that goes in the back of the Defiant Shuttle so if all goes well I should have the Shuttle and Booster to 90% Completion and I still need to get one of the underside lasers for the Defiant Shuttle to get that Shuttle to about 99% Complete.

Parts picked up for the Defiant Shuttle:

Left Tail Fin
Right Tail Fin
Center Tail Fin -First part picked up
Crane Assembly
Cockpit Cover

These parts should get the Shuttle to near completion, only things that I could tell that were missing on the shuttle were two small Thrusters and I will have to dissect the shuttle to get the remnants of the broken center tail fin out of it but all things considered the shuttle is in good condition and just needs a lot of cleaning.

The Shuttle will need lots of cleaning and I may take it apart to get it nice and clean and I’ve considered stripping what decals that are on the shuttle and hunting for a Defiant Shuttle Decal Sheet.

Going to use some Hydrogen Peroxide on the Tail Fins to get those nice and white and I might be tempted to use the same treatment on the Defiant Shuttle hull sections if I take the shuttle apart entirely.

Right now to get the Defiant 100% Complete I would need to get the Umbilical Cord for the Astronaut and the Payload figure that goes with the Defiant.

I still need to get the Payload figure for the Crusader Shuttle to get that one complete so all that remains is to get a few more things and the Junker Shuttle that was picked up for $50 will be restored to it’s former glory and it will look great connected to the booster so I’ll end up packing away the Batman Batwing to have display space for the Defiant and Booster.

I’m satisfied with how things are moving along and I didn’t break the bank getting the Gi Joe Defiant and the Star Trek USS Defiant so waiting and saving a little bit has helped to take care of these objectives for the collection and now it’s time to get back to work with cleaning out a few more things.

The Defiant was the last major item on my list, and I didn’t expect to find a USS Defiant this quickly so I am content with things right now and just glad that after adding everything up that was spent to get the Defiant that I still have a bit left of April’s collecting budget so the only thing that’s left to do for the month right now is pick up Star Wars Rogue One on DVD tomorrow and relax.

I’m almost tempted to hunt for the Shuttle Launch Part with the Gantry but I’m content now to have the Booster and Shuttle so I am happy and once this arrives in I can toss out the old mental list that I used over the last few years to keep track of the stuff I wanted to get since I don’t need that list anymore.

That’s it for this update.


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