Collection Additions 4/5/17: A few more figures picked up.

Well I binged a bit today and ended up picking up a few Anime figures since I decided it was time to go back to collecting some of the series that I like because my interest in Anime is slowly returning.

I’m happy that the Evangelion Prize Figures are still cheap, and after spending what I did on the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle and Booster I had to grab some of the Ichiban Kuji and SEGA Prize figures and the last Freeing 1/8th Scale Kaworu figure that BBTS had since it was on clearance.

Also had to get some Gundam Robot Spirits figures on preorder, the Gogg and Z’gock are on preorder at BBTS and that means I have 3 preorders to deal with over the next few months since I have NECA’s 1/4th TMNT Leonardo on preoder already and after doing all the math I can handle those fairly well if I keep up with my goal to save funds from the collecting budget every month.

Picked up
2 Rei Ayanami Figures
3 Mari figures -One is not pictured here
1 Kaworu figure
At least two or three of these are coming from Japan via SAL so I’m fine with that, those were gotten off Amazon and the Free Shipping Option on Amazon is always SAL so it takes at least half a month for stuff to get here and I’m fine with waiting for them since it gives me plenty of time to find space for them.

The Cheapest of the figures was Mari’s 2.0 Pilot Suit figure and I picked up a smaller 7″ figure that was about $13 the only figure out of all of these that was a little expensive was the Kaworu figure.

Looking forward to getting the Macross Delta Mirage figures in before the end of the month, should be getting the SQ Figure in before the end of the week since that was from a US Seller and the Figuarts Zero is coming from an Japanese seller and that will be another SAL Package to wait for.

All it took to get the Z’gock and Gogg on preorder was checking the BBTS Facebook feed and I saw that the Gogg Preorder went up yesterday and I had to get the Zgock to go with it.

After spending so much time focusing on Federation Mobile Suits I need to move on to collecting some Zeon Suits, I’ll end up getting the ANIME Version Zaku II’s again and the Doms before my birthday in September.

I am content to collect Prize figures and stick to a few Robot Spirit figures, if I steer clear of Scaled figures this year I should do well this time around and now that I am doing things differently collecting Anime should be fun again.


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