Collection Additions 4/6/17: Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Booster and more Gi Joe vehicles.

Today was a pretty good day.

Got the Gi Joe Sky Patrol Sky Raven in first and then Fed Ex dropped off the Defiant Shuttle Booster/Space Station and I’m impressed with the condition of the Booster that was bought off ebay and it’s been cleaned and dusted and it’s now on display with the rest of the collection.

The Booster just needs the Airlock part replaced since the upper part that connects it to the booster top is broken.

I’m still surprised at the size of this item and there was a nice surprise when I checked the rear flip out compartments and the small laser cannon and missiles were in both sections. I was expecting those to be missing or that part broken so all I need to get to complete this is two laser cannons that plug into the front.


The Interior of the Booster is in good condition and just needed to be cleaned, the Airlock can still sit in the top level but it won’t stay there so that will need to be replaced.

Flipping out the back hatches and finding the missile and laser still intact was a nice surprise, it’s only missing three Thrusters on the back and those are coming with the Defiant Shuttle.

The Sky Patrol Sky Raven came in and I’m surprised at it’s condition and it was put on display as soon as it came in.

The Sky Raven is missing only one missile, the Sky Raven looks pretty cool and it would have been great if they released the Raven with another variation of the Drone that the Night Raven had.

The Sky Raven looks great next to the Night Raven on the bookshelves.

Yesterday a few Gi Joe 50th Anniversary vehicle sets arrived.

SDCC Exclusive Crimson Strike
Exclusive Silent Strike
Battle Below Zero set

Also got the Macross Delta SQ Mirage figure in for the Anime collection.

I’m still working on finding space for the vehicles so for now they will be on display in their packages.

The Crimson Strike set’s box artwork looks really cool, originally planned to get the Sky Striker variant from this set but decided to grab the set since the Joe version of the HISS Tank looks neat.

This set looks pretty cool, I like the black version of the 30th Anniversary Sky Striker and that’s why this set was picked up off BBTS since they had it at a decent price.

The Battle Below Zero set was picked up since I wanted the Snake Eyes figure and the Cobra Wolf from that set and it was cheaper to pick up the set instead of buying the vehicles individually.

-didn’t make a picture of the set since I was focused on the two large battle packs.

This has been a busy week, and today has been spent working on cleaning the room and getting things ready for changing things around to get the newest additions on display.

Picked up one last Anime figure off ebay: Alter’s 1/8th Scale Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami figure and that was a nice surprise to snag that one using Best Offer so it didn’t cost a lot.

Gotta slow down with adding things in since I’m back to figuring out where to put everything that’s coming in so I’ll have to wait till next month to get anything else since I’m running out of room quick.


Next update should be when the Defiant Shuttle arrives and that will be a restoration project that should take a little bit of time to work on.

That’s it for this update.


One thought on “Collection Additions 4/6/17: Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Booster and more Gi Joe vehicles.

  1. Wow, you have the best collection ever, Tyjos! Thanks for sharing the details about the Booster and special boxed GI Joe sets!

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