Collection Addition 4/8/17: Gi Joe Defiant Space Shuttle.

It only took me about 20 years to get to this point.

The Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle arrived today and I spent about 2-3 hours after getting it stripping it of it’s old decals and using goo gone and cleaning wipes to get lots of dirt and dust build up off the shuttle.

I was surprised at the condition of the shuttle and it only needed to be cleaned and more time will be spent to get the Shuttle fully clean and I doubt I can get everything to where it’s nice and white but I will be soaking the Left and Right tail fins in Hydrogen Peroxide to get them cleaned.

I didn’t get a photo of one of the tail fins since it was soaking in a small container of peroxide while I was working on getting the shuttle clean.

The Shuttle needed a lot of work, it was very dirty and I will have to spend some more time this weekend cleaning it but getting the old decals off and clearing those areas took a while so I’m taking a break from cleaning it.

I was surprised that the decals inside the Shuttle underneath the shuttle doors were in decent condition so they will be left on the shuttle.  The Canopy will need a little bit more cleaning but getting the shuttle cleaned took a lot of time and the interior needs some more cleaning.

The Crane Assembly in the shuttle was in decent condition but one of the parts that connects it is broken so I’ll have to get this crane replaced with the Crane Assembly that I had bought prior to getting this shuttle.

The shuttle looks a lot better now that it’s cleaned of Decals and once I get the two Tail Fins cleaned it will look even better.

Took this photo before I cleaned the engines of the shuttle, it’s only missing two small Thrusters and I’ll get those next month.

The Booster is now 99% complete with the Small Thrusters and all that remains is to get the ones that are missing for the Shuttle and a Underside Cannon for the front of the shuttle and the Defiant Shuttle and Booster will be 99% Complete.

Only thing that’s needed to get the Booster Complete are the two laser cannons that plug into the front of the ship.

This is an impressive piece.

It was worth waiting 20 Years to get this and I’m tempted to get the Star Brigade Gi Joe figures to go in this shuttle and I still need to find Payload so I’ll have to hunt for 2 Payload figures since I need one for the Defiant and the Crusader Shuttle.

It was a stroke of luck to find the Booster when I did and I’m still surprised at the condition and the Shuttle was a nice pick up at $50, what added up for this item was finding the parts and the Tail Fins were the expensive parts even at roughly $10-$15 each for parts I was surprised to have found the Center Tail Fin and that’s the hardest one to find so the Defiant is ready for display.

I won’t bother with the Launch Complex since that one is too expensive to find and it’s fragile so I am happy with having the Booster and Shuttle.

I did get the Star Trek Playmates Deep Space Nine USS Defiant today but I won’t cover that one since I was too busy spending time focusing on cleaning the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle.

This marks another Holy Grail off my list and it was the last Holy Grail for collecting and I’m not sure what I’ll focus on next since I don’t have room for anything bigger than this now.

I had thought about looking into getting the USS Flagg but I’m satisfied and content with having the Defiant Shuttle and Cobra Terror Drome in the Gi Joe Collection so I don’t need to look into getting the Flagg.

That’s it for this update.


2 thoughts on “Collection Addition 4/8/17: Gi Joe Defiant Space Shuttle.

  1. Tyjos you have the best toys and congrats on finding the Holy Grail! Great job detailing the shuttle and restoring it back to it’s original glory!

    • It was a fairly simple job to strip the defiant of it’s old decals, they were in poor condition and had to be removed. So it’s now down to just getting the tail fins cleaned and then the last parts that are needed for completing the shuttle will be picked up next month.

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