Collection Photos 4/8/17: Running out of room.

It’s that time again where I change things around after getting in a lot of stuff.

I’m running out of room and it might be time to start planning on getting rid of a few more things since I don’t have a lot of space for new additions and two more figures were added to the list of items that are coming into the collection this month this past week.

The Defiant Shuttle and Booster fit into the corner pretty easy, had to move things around to make space for it but it looks nice sitting in the Corner with the Crusader shuttle nearby on the smaller display case.

Managed to find space for all of the Gi Joe vehicles that were added to the collection recently and they filled up the top part of the Bookshelves.


I’m now back to not doing anything for a while because of lack of space and one of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami  figures that I picked up last week will be arriving on Monday so I’ll have to find space for that figure.


Two more figures were picked up this week and one is a 1/4th scale figure that I had originally planned to get when it came out but that was when my interest in getting scaled figures flat lined and I didn’t get it,  this week I found it on sale on ebay so had to get the Nanoha 1/4th Scale Signum Swimsuit figure and get it into the collection.

Ended up getting the Taimanin Murasaki Sakura Igawa figure from a Japanese Seller on ebay so that’s another International Package coming this way and it’s coming SAL so I don’t mind waiting for that one and that was one of the figures that I was looking forward too when it was revealed at Won Fes a year or so ago so I’m glad to have that figure added to the collection.

I can’t keep collecting like I used too.

I’m working harder on keeping things under control this time and after this last round of binge spending on Gi Joe and Neon Genesis Evangelion I don’t feel like adding anything else in for a while because I don’t have the space for it anymore.

Right now I’m working on cleaning out a few things that have piled up and seeing if I can sell those locally so I can keep moving things out of here, I don’t want to sell on ebay anymore and would like to try and get things sold locally since it’s been successful so far with getting rid of a few things that were sitting around taking up space.

That’s it for this update.


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