Collection Post 4/11/17: A few more Gi Joe Vehicles to look for.

Today has been one of those days where I don’t feel like being on Social Media and spent the day working on cleaning up the room and finding a few more parts and pieces for some items I’m going to be selling soon.

It’s getting to where I’m tired of Facebook and it’s glitchy site and today it’s been a troublesome site and I’ve gotten tired of it so might as well do some research on Gi Joe Vehicles and check to see which ones that I can find cheap.

Still dealing with the temptations to pick up more Gi Joe Vehicles and I want more Cobra Hiss Tanks.

Also on the list of Vehicles to pick up is the Cobra Stinger and more vehicles from the Sky Patrol since the Sky Hawk and Sky Shark are easy enough to find.

I may be tempted to hunt up the variations of the Sky Shark that have been released and add that to my list of Vehicle Variations to hunt for.

After spending time the past week searching on ebay I’ve come across a few Cobra HISS Tanks up and they pop up there fairly often so the HISS Tank is easy to find so I’m not in a hurry to get them right now.

I’d love to get the 25th Anniversary Artic Hiss, Black Hiss Tank,Red Tank, and the Blue Target Exclusive Tanks again to go with the three that I already have to have all of the variants of the Hiss in the collection.

The Target Exclusive Gi Joe Ultimate Battlepack is something I would love to get back into the collection that has the Mauler and Red Hiss Tank, I can find the Red Hiss Tank from that set fairly easy and the Mauler pops up on ebay every so often.

The Night Spectre is on the list of vehicles to find since I want the Sky Patrol Sky Shark,and the Night Spectre pops up on ebay fairly often so that one can wait.


Still tempted to get some more of the 50th Anniversary Figure Packs but the Vehicles are my focus now since I’ve managed to secure some variants of some of the Vintage Vehicles into the collection and now want to find more vehicle variants.

I could get the HISS Tanks that I’m after this week but I’ll wait for those.

Still dealing with the temptations to get more Neon Genesis Evangelion figures for the Anime collection and to get more HGUC Gundam kits since I have been pulling out some kits that were stowed in boxes and totes and putting them on display.

These are the Evangelion figures that have caught my attention again and they will be picked up sometime next month and I’m fine with waiting till then to get them.

There are a lot of Evangelion figures that I would like to get but it’s time to sit back and relax, I’m doing well at this point to resist getting anything else and have been focused on cleaning out things as usual and doing that always helps to keep things under control.

After all these years Gi Joe Vehicles still appeal to me, so I’m tempted to get more right now but I’m hopfeul I might come across a great deal on vehicles so I’ll be patient and hope I can find what I’m looking for at a great price.

Today was a slow and dull day, I didn’t see a need to really post much of anything about it on Facebook or Twitter and the only thing I really use the internet for is to do some research on figures that interest me so there isn’t much of a need to talk about it on Facebook.

That’s it for this update.


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