Collection Post 4/12/17: Finishing up for the month.

Well after doing the math I ended up picking up a few things that I needed to get and then got three Gi Joe Vehicles at decent prices so I’m not that far ahead with things and I’m not in the hole with the budget for the month so it’s time to finish with things and stick to the plan of not doing much for this part of the month.

Came across the parts I needed for the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle and they were pretty cheap, got the Defiant’s Left and Right forward gun covers from the seller I got the shuttle from using best offer and that helped out so now the Defiant will be 99% Complete.

Ended up finding the Gi Joe 25th Anniversary Target Exclusive Awe Striker and Night Spectre as a lot and got those using Best Offer and they were new in package so those are marked off the list.

Last thing that was picked up was a Gi Joe 25th Anniversary Blue Cobra HISS Tank so all three of the Target Exclusive 25th Anniversary Attack on Cobra Island Vehicles are off the list.

My Self Restraint is so/so at this point in the month, went to the Casino and ended up coming back with the same amount I went down there with so I didn’t get ahead but I didn’t really loose anything after winning a little bit but it was a good trip this time.

I wanted to put getting those Target Exclusive vehicles off till next month but since I found them at a very good price it was hard to resist getting them.

Still need to find the Vehicle Drivers for the Cobra Hiss and I may end up picking up the 25th Anniversary Gi Joe Black HISS Tank or do a little hunting for some 25th Anniversary Cobra Troopers to go with the Vehicles and I’m still thinking about getting the Cobra Terror Drome manned with troops again so that might be the objective for next month to focus on getting some Gi Joe 25th Anniversary figures.

The 1/4th scale Nanoha Striker S Swimsuit Signum figure arrived today and that one fits in nicely between the Defiant Shuttle and the Alter 1/7th Scale Nanoha Movie figure and her scale size works great so she doesn’t stand out too much.

I’m glad that one is off my list and it was a pleasant surprise to find it from a US Seller and at a decent price, so one more figure now on display.

Got the other figures that came in on display on the desk and the desk is getting crowded again and it’s time to dust again.

This reminds me to get the shelves behind the figures organized a bit better and to get that area dusted since it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

As always the endless reminder of not having enough space comes up before I think about getting anything else so it’s time to finish since I’m not bothering with the old collecting cycle anymore so I feel a lot better now that I didn’t have to wait till this time of the month to start picking things up and this will make waiting for next month easier.

Last thing that I’d like to get this month would be the Sky Patrol Sky Shark and Sky Hawk, I can fit them into what I have left fairly easy and getting those means I’ll end up hunting for the other Variants for those next month.

I still gotta figure out where I’m going to park a Gi Joe Dune Buggy and a Tank in this room so it’s back to unplugging from things for the next 3 weeks.


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