Collection Post 4/14/17: One more thing on the way.

Again did more math and found I could fit two more things into the last of my collecting budget for April and I’m now down to patiently waiting for BBTS to get the NECA TMNT 1990 1/4th Scale Leonardo figure in so I’m fairly content with how things have gone this month and I have managed to fit a good bit into what I had so I’m still working on making sure I don’t overspend.

Came across the Gi Joe Target Exclusive 25th Anniversary Exclusive X-30 Conquest Jet Fighter on ebay,it was new in package and used Best Offer to get that one and saved about $15 off the price and it had free shipping so I couldn’t pass it up at the price it was listed so saved a bit on that and marked another Gi Joe vehicle off my list of vehicles to find.

Still need to find the Cobra Rattler to complete that set of Vehicles, still gotta figure out where to park the Conquest here so that’s always keeping things in check since I don’t have a lot of room for new things and right now that’s a good thing so I think I’m almost through this period of being focused on Gi Joe since I’ve been picking up Gi Joe Vehicles over the last 2-3 months.

Decided to get the Taimanin Asagi Asagi Igawa figure into the collection again, sold the one I had at least 3 or 4 months ago and since I have Sakura Igawa coming in had to pick up Asagi off BBTS so that took a little chunk out of what was left in the budget so it’s back to staying focused on cleaning things out as usual.

Asagi was one of the last scaled figures on the list to pick up and there are a few on my wish list but I don’t mind waiting since I needed Asagi to go with Sakura and was surprised to see that BBTS still had her in stock and she was cheaper there so had to pick her up.

Usually by this time of the month I would have sold a few things and I haven’t had that many sales this month so I’ve been hesitant to jump on getting things and right now just glad to have taken care of my main list of things that I wanted to get right now.

Best thing about all of this is that I haven’t overspent and have managed to budget this month’s collecting budget pretty well, if all goes well the rest of the month should be easy since I’m still waiting for Evangelion figures to get here from Japan since they are coming SAL and will have to find space for those when they get in so back to working on unplugging from searching for things.

Tempted to preorder a few more things that are coming out next month but I can’t do that since I don’t have a lot of space and I’m working on pulling out my old Gundam HGUC and Master Grade kits since they need work and I may spend the next month working on rebuilding them and fixing broken parts.


I have a lot of work ahead if I plan to paint them or do anything more with them so that might keep me busy and occupied over the next month to take care of fixing these kits.

Always tempted to get more HG Kits since they are super cheap, only kits I’d like to get are more RGM units to army build those kits but I need to work on fixing these and it’s taking a bit longer than I expected to find the parts and pieces since I disassembled these when I put them into storage.

Super tempted right now to get some of the $10 HG Kits off Amazon for the RGM-79 and the Cold Districts GM but that has to wait till late next month at least so at this point I gotta stay away from being tempted to get much of anything else since I’m content right now.

I still need to get to building the HG Origins Guncannon and Gundam Local Type kits that are stored in the closet along with the Mega Sized 1/48 Scale Gundam kit so those kits need to be worked on before anymore kits are bought.

So far this month did pretty well with things and best offer on ebay has been helping to reduce costs and helped me to manage things a bit better, should be getting the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle parts in tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that to get the Shuttle completed.

That’s it for this update.




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