Collection Post 4/17/17: More Gi Joe Sky Patrol Vehicles on the way.

Well after refilling my collection budget for April a quick search on ebay yields a nice surprise addition to the collection: The Sky Havoc.


I was not planning to get the Sky Havoc due to it’s price but a seller listed one on ebay that was missing the main cannon and rear hover craft for about $20 and using Best Offer managed to secure it for slightly less than that and I’m surprised at the condition of the chrome on that Sky Havoc so I’m looking forward to getting that one and restoring it.

Took care of finding the missing cannon parts for the Sky Havoc on ebay and just need to find one more cannon piece and the Hover Craft that goes in the back might be harder to find so I’ll be on the look out for one of those to get it completed.

-Update: Just found the Recon Sled/Hovercraft for the Sky Havoc fairly cheap, only missing it’s cannons so when I get all the parts the Sky Havoc that was picked up today should be about 99% Complete and the only thing it would be missing would be Engine Cover and one of the Cannon Tips.

I never bothered with collecting any of the Sky Patrol vehicles when I started collecting Gi Joe when the 25th line started but now I’m interested in this sub team after getting the Sky Raven.

All I need to get the Sky Patrol complete is the Sky Sharc and the Sky Hawk, those I can find fairly often but now that the Sky Havoc is marked off the list of Sky Patrol vehicles to pick up.

Hopefully I’ll get the Sky Sharc next, and after I get the vintage Sky Patrol complete I’ll consider looking at the Convention Exclusives that were released for the 25th line mainly the Sky Patrol version of the Sky Sweeper and that’s one vehicle I want in this collection since it’s another variation of the Cobra Firebat.

The Convention Exclusive Skystriker looks pretty neat, but it’s one of the more expensive Convention exclusive pieces so I may end up settling for the Sky Sweeper since that one can be found on ebay for about $60 at least.  I would love to get the Sky Striker to go with the other Sky Strikers in my collection but I’m not ready to spend over $150 for this jet.

The day started off with getting the 25th Anniversary Target Exclusive Red Hiss Tank and then getting an Infinite Stratos figure from the same seller on ebay that I had gotten the 1/4th Scale Signum figure from and used best offer on that one just like before so today has been a good day for hunting things on ebay and I’m getting luckier with getting things through best offer lately and that’s helping to stretch my collecting budget for the month.

I’m stretching out my budget as far as it can go to see if it can last this entire month and now it’s down to just two small Gi Joe Sky Patrol vehicles and the Vintage line looks a little cooler compared to the 25th or 50th Anniversary when I’m checking out the sub teams like the Tiger Patrol and Sky Patrol.

The Tiger Patrol might be the next thing to check out later when the budget gets refilled again in June since I’m due to try and sit things out if I can but I’m finding a lot of good deals lately and that’s what makes it hard to unplug from things.

Gotta take a breather from things before I get overloaded with Gi Joe Vehicles and this room becomes a parking lot full of Joe and Cobra Vehicles again so that should be it hopefully but I doubt it at this point.

That’s it for this update.


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