Collection Post 4/18/17: Gi Joe Conquest and HISS Tank.

Two more Gi Joe vehicles arrived into the collection today and another one is on the way.

The Gi Joe 25th Target Exclusive Anniversary Conquest and the Blue Cobra HISS Tank came in today, and now it’s back to finding display space for the Conquest and the Blue HISS Tank is on display with the other HISS Tanks on the main bookshelves.

I am tempted to keep the Conquest in it’s box, I like the Window Box on the 25th Anniversary version and at the moment I don’t have display space for it.

The Cobra Hiss Tank looks great with the other versions of the Hiss Tank so the only remaining 25th Anniversary Hiss that I need to get is the regular Black Version since I have a vintage version of the regular hiss tank. I should be getting the Crimson HISS Tank in before the end of the week.


Got the two doors I needed for the Defiant Space Shuttle so it’s now 99% Complete since it only needs one Left Side Cannon to get the shuttle completed. For now it just needs a little bit more cleaning and I may spend more time cleaning it this week.

So far I’m waiting for a good bit of things to get in and the Sky Havoc is inbound and the Sky Sharc has been added to the list of things that I’m waiting for since that one was picked up cheap and now I need the Sky Hawk to complete the Sky Patrol set.


Just been working on getting the room organized a bit more and the collection is back to where I will have to start working on packing things away or getting rid of a few things, pulled out some of my HGUC Kits and put them on display and that filled up the area pretty fast so now I’m out of display space in this area and I may get rid of a few more things next month to regain space.

I have not bought anymore of the Star Trek Eaglemoss Starship Collection ships since I have been focused on Gi Joe and I just don’t have space to display anything else. I need to work on clearing out a few of these to regain some space in the display case over the next month so that means heading to the attic to get boxes for a few of these and start packing the ones I want to get rid of away.


I Still need to find space for the AWE Striker and Night Spectre since they are sitting on the floor and taking up space there, just gotta get this room cleaned up a little bit more to make it to where I can add a few things that I have on preorder in but it’s at that point to where It’s time to rest from adding new things in and spend time working on packing things away or getting rid of things again.

That’s it for this update.


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