Collection Addition 4/21/17: Gi Joe Sky Patrol Sky Sharc.

Another Gi Joe Vehicle arrives into the collection today:

The Gi Joe Sky Patrol Sky Sharc!

The Sky Sharc is a nice looking repaint of the vintage 1984 Sharc and I like the chrome on this one so it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine since it looks a lot better than the colors on the original Sharc.

This was the cheapest Sky Patrol vehicle that I picked up, got this one for about $15 and it’s in very good condition and has it’s torpedoes.

The Sky Sharc is next to the 25th Anniversary Night Spectre and both of them look great together, I am waiting for the vintage Sharc to get in next week to have the set of the Sharc Variants.

Also got the parts for the Sky Havoc so it looks a lot better and I had to get a barrel cover part off ebay today to get the upper part complete and now I’m just waiting for the Recon Sled to get in and the Sky Havoc will be about 95% Complete.

I never thought I would get the chromed vehicles since I never really had an interest in them but now that I have 3 of the Sky Patrol vehicles in the collection I find the Sky Patrol is one of those sub teams that’s growing on me and I like the chromed vehicles in this team.

That’s it for this update.


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