Collection Additions 4/20/17: Gi Joe Sky Havoc and 25th Anniversary Red HISS Tank.

Another day and more Gi Joe Vehicles have been added into the collection.

Got the Sky Patrol Sky Havoc and the 25th Anniversary Red Cobra Hiss tank in today.

The Sky Havoc is in pretty good condition, I still need to get a few more parts before it’s completed but the chrome on the Sky Havoc is in excellent shape.

I thought I would be finished with getting Gi Joe Vehicles but ended up snagging a Sky Patrol Sky Hawk and a 1984 Gi Joe Sharc at good prices so now I am kinda bored with looking for Gi Joe Vehicles and once everything gets in I should be content with Gi Joe Vehicles since there isn’t a lot of room to display them.

At this point I have almost all of the Hiss Tank Variants and they look pretty good together, just missing the Artic HISS Tank and the regular 25th Anniversary Tank.

The Cobra HISS Tank is my favorite out of the Cobra Vehicles that have been released, it’s a neat mold and looks cool in different colors and would have been great if they released more variants in different colors.

Tomorrow should be getting the Sky Patrol Sky Sharc in and the parts for the Sky Havoc will be arriving so I hope to get the Sky Havoc to at least 95% Complete since I need the wheel covers,1 cannon part, and engine cover to get it fully completed.

That’s it for this update.


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