Collection Post 4/24/17: Getting to the end of the month.

Right now I’m waiting for the month to get over with since I want to see how I did at the end of this month with the collecting budget since I have at least one week till this month is over and I’m hoping to get through this part of the month without overspending.

The last part of the month is always the difficult part and I’m focused on a few things right now that I want to get but I will have to wait till later next month for things unless I get a few more items sold and moved out of here.

Currently I have had some luck selling some things locally this month and sold the Kit Fisto lightsaber that I had up for sale and hopefully the Luke Skywalker Black Series Return of the Jedi saber that’s up for sale will sell and I can rest a little easier after that gets sold and moved out of here.

Focused on two Gi Joe vehicles right now and I passed up an opportunity this past week due to finances to get the Cobra VTOL Hurricane jet that popped up at a nice price on ebay so I’m hoping to find that one this coming month.

The other Gi Joe vehicle I’m focused on is another variant of the 30th Anniversary Sky Striker: The SDCC Gi Joe Transformers Crossover Jetfire Sky Striker and I’m hoping to snag that one before the end of the month and mark that Skystriker Variant off my current list of Gi Joe jets to get.

At the moment I can only allow for at least one more addition into the collection, working to unplug from things for a while but I find myself looking up Gi Joe Vehicles and looking for a few Anime figures or Gundam Models to add to the collection.

I did a lot the past month and should be getting the last of the figures that I picked up off Amazon and ebay this week so I need to get away from things and one more Casino trip is planned for this coming week so I managed to allocate funding for that trip and just need to get back to cleaning things out.

Still within budget barely and still have enough to cover the NECA TMNT 1990 Leonardo that’s due out next month so I have to do more to make sure I don’t go over budget and I am hoping to slow down with things and wait for the figures that are on preorder since June is going to be a busy month with 3 figures that are on preorder coming out that month.


Currently the Robot Damashii ANIME Ver G-Fighter,Z’gok,and Fate/Grand Order Shielder figma are on order for June and I have to start working on saving up for those so I need to keep working on cleaning things out.

Just gotta resist the allure of scaled figures, I really cant add those to my collection again till later in May or Early June since I need a short period of time to work on reclaiming display space and I need to stay focused on the goal of saving up since that’s the main goal for the year.

This week starts off with having to go to the Dentist and it’s another one of those nights where I can’t really rest because I never sleep that well the night before a Dentist appointment and focusing on what I need to do with the collection helps keep my mind off things for a while.

This past month I added about 12 figures into the Anime collection, picked up a few Gi Joe vehicles and right now I want to rest so hopefully I can ease back from looking at things for a short amount of time and focus my efforts on cleaning out again.

I may end up sleeping most of the coming week away.

That’s it for this update.


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