Collection Post 4/25/17: Another Gi Joe Vehicle on the way.

After having a good Dentist Check up I managed to secure one of the two Gi Joe vehicles that I’m currently focused on at a decent price and I’m still within budget.

I might actually pull ahead a little bit more by the end of the month but that’s 5 days away from now and since I got the SDCC Transformers Gi Joe Crossover Jetfire Skystriker Variant I’m now trying to pry myself away from looking at any other Gi Joe vehicles right now since the Cobra Hurricane VTOL has my full attention and I’m still trying to figure out where I’ll park the Jetfire variant of the Sky Striker so I need to get away from hunting for Gi Joe Vehicles.

I could get the VTOL Hurricane now If I want too since I removed the NECA Leonardo 1/4th scale figure from my list after learning when it’s going to be released but I want to try and give things a rest and if I stop now with everything I’ll have solved my over spending problem.

During my searches for Gi Joe vehicles I spotted two more that I’d like to get into the collection:

The Cobra Condor Bomber


The Cobra Mamba Helicopter


Feels like it is now impossible to get away from wanting more Gi Joe vehicles, I never had the Mamba or the Condor when I was collecting vehicles the first time around and the Mamba can be found at a fairly decent price often enough but the Condor is a bit harder to find and a little bit more expensive than the Mamba and right now I need to wait to get anything else since I allocated enough from the budget for the Skystriker Jetfire variant.

The Mamba is one of those vehicles I wanted to get over the years but never got around to getting it, maybe I’ll pick it up next month.

Now that I’m getting sucked into Gi Joe Vehicle collecting again and now that I’ve secured the Gi Joe Transformers SDCC Jetfire I’m looking at the other Gi Joe Crossover sets and the set that has Powerglide and Soundwave HISS Tank Variant  in it is starting to get my attention so that may be the next set to look into next month along with the Cobra Mamba.


I can find the SDCC Soundwave HISS Tank by itself at a decent price on ebay but that will be pushed to later in May or early June if I decide to pursue getting that HISS Tank Variant.

Only good thing about all of this is that I haven’t started to collect the Gi Joe VAMP Variants and there are a lot of them so at least I’m focused on the Sky Striker and HISS Tank Variants.

It feels like I have little self restraint at times when it comes to Gi Joe Vehicles since I like the vehicles a lot more than the figures but I have to have some restraint this time around since I don’t have the room for more vehicles.

At least I’m getting out again this week to go to the Casino and that should help with getting me unplugged from things for at least half a day and if all goes well I should be able to hopefully resist wanting to get anything else till early next month when Aspen Comics starts releasing some Graphic Novels that I have been waiting a long time for so I may end up getting those since it will only cost me $50 to get all the ones that I’m looking for that get in stock at Amazon on May the 2nd and I am still tempted to get some more Star Trek books but just gotta give things a rest for at least a week.


And there are some Anime series coming out next month on Blu Ray that I am interested in getting into my DVD Library so I just have to go over everything that’s currently getting my attention and check the budget and see what I can pick up.

If anything else is picked up the Aspen Comics books will be at the top of the list since they are getting released first and I am looking forward to reading those series again.

Stopping collecting all together is difficult to say the least, keeping from getting sucked into one thing or another is even harder so I look forward to unplugging from things for a short time this week and then get back too it and work on crunching numbers on what’s required to get things into the collection without it making me go over budget.

Well that’s it for this update.


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