Collection Post 4/25/17: Planning ahead again.

I was hoping to get a part for the Sky Havoc in today that I needed to get it completed but it didn’t arrive and in order to make sure the Sky Havoc is completed I picked up a lot of Sky Havoc Parts and the only thing I need now is the Engine Cover.

This afternoon was spent going over things and now I’m planning ahead and I don’t want to add anything else to the preorder list and saving up is the primary goal for the year so I have to get back to working on that.

I like collecting but I need to save up money and just make sure that the rest of the year is taken care of so I have to unplug from things at the end of the month and get to cleaning out.

I’m not broke yet but after the unexpected find of the Sky Havoc part lot I’m close too it so I need to get away from ebay this week.

I am tempted to grab a Havoc off ebay since they are popping up fairly cheap but I HAVE to get away from ebay and right now I have to stop hovering around ebay checking for new listings so gotta make sure it doesn’t become an addiction and I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow so that should help with breaking my fixation on Gi Joe for at least half a day.

There is a small stack of stuff laying around here that I need to get sold and I wish I could ship the Batman Animated series Batwing and get that out of here but it’s too big, I could ship the Batman Animated Series Batmobile since that’s slightly smaller so I may end up putting it up on ebay sometime soon.

Would be nice to get things sold and moved out of here since these two are taking up space and I still have a light saber to work on getting sold so I just need to get things moving out of here.

I may end up having to take the Batwing to the comic shop in Memphis and sell it to them to get it out of here.

I am planning ahead for the next few months and I have to get back to work doing sales so it’ll be back to cleaning things out on ebay and I might get lucky selling the Marvel Legends Iron Man and Voltron Legendary Defender Ultimate Voltron on ebay.

Might even get rid of the Titans Returns Fortress Maximus next month and the Platinum Edition Starscream Supreme Class figure that’s sitting in front of the book shelf.

May will be a busy month, I already have boxes saved from when I got Gi Joe Vehicles and saved up packing material so I will be back at selling on ebay for some of that month and I have to resist things a little harder next month.


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