Collection Post 4/26/17: Things moving along.

Today was a pretty good day.

Unplugged from things and went to the Casino and spent half a day down there and had a bit of luck at the Slot Machines and only lost $10 out of the $50 I went down there with and got a package mailed before going down there so that objective was taken care of.

Allocated the $50 for the Casino trip from what I made selling the Kit Fisto Lightsaber  so what I had left goes back in with the rest that was made and I’m glad I didn’t loose a lot of money at the Casino and I won back most of what I had lost at the Resorts Casino in Tunica so things worked out and it was an enjoyable trip so no problems there.

Played the Triple Red Hot 777 Slots at 2 of the Casinos and did pretty well with that slot game so that’s the main one I’ll play whenever I go to Hollywood Casino and Resorts Casino and it’s one of those slot games that is pretty fun and entertaining when one hits the bonus and gets free spins and it’s better when one gets an extra bonus on on the 7 free spins.

Ended up dividing up what I had pretty well between three Casinos today, it’s easy enough to manage when one just sticks to Slot Machines and avoid the expensive machines. One of the things I like about the Casino is that drinks are free at the slot machines and they ask often enough if you want something to drink, while I didn’t drink anything there except  Tea at lunch I was asked a couple times while I was playing if I needed a drink so I like that about the Casinos.

Had lunch at the Casino’s buffet and it was pretty good this time, so it was an good day to get out and get unplugged from Ebay,  Facebook,and Twitter for a while and just enjoy being out and the ride down to Tunica was a pleasant ride there and on Wednesdays the Casino’s are not that crowded so it was a good day to go.

I thought there would be some severe weather rolling right into my area but we got Thunderstorms instead, the radar this evening made things look like we were going to get Hail and possible damaging winds but it was a pleasant Thunderstorm instead and I’m falling asleep so good thing I plan to go to bed early and I should sleep well tonight.

If all goes well by the end of the week I should have 2 more packages to ship out at the first of the month and hopefully I can keep resisting things since I have a little while to go before I can do much and I did pick up the Aspen Comics Fathom Kiani Volume 2 Graphic Novel off Amazon so that’s one book marked off my current list.

The Gi Joe 1984 Sharc arrived today so I have three Variants on the Sharc in the collection and the Sky Havoc pars shipped so those will be arriving next week along with the SDCC Jetfire Skystriker Variant.

Still waiting for two Neon Genesis Evangelion SEGA Prize Rei and Mari figures to get in so I hope those two will arrive before the end of the month and then I don’t have much of anything planned for next month so I look forward to not picking up a lot for the collection next month.


4 days left in the month and I have not overspent and am still within budget, focused on the Cobra Hurricane VTOL and maybe I’ll get lucky and get one cheap soon so focused on the 2 Aspen Comics Graphic Novels on my book list and the Cobra VTOL Hurricane and that should be it.

My Self Restraint at this point is still working and I hope it can hold out for the next week at least, I need to work on cutting down empty shipping boxes that are piling up that I’m not going to use and get those in the recycling to clean things up since the hallway is getting filled with boxes and it needs to be cleaned so it won’t be cluttered and messy.

It was a good Wednesday and I’m looking forward to the weekend since I’m watching the Granblue Fantasy Anime and looking forward to the next episode in that series.

That’s it for this update.


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