Collection Post 4/29/17: Another weekend ahead.

Made it through the week and I managed to avoid overspending and now I have two packages to ship on Monday and I’ll have another one to ship next week and my budget for collecting has been refilled a little bit more and now I’m focused on getting a few things sold and saving what I make from those sales.

I won’t have a budget for collecting in May so I’ll have to spend my time clearing things out and just resisting things that come up that might get my attention and I’d like to get through May without spending much of anything if I can.

Took care of getting the two Aspen Comics Graphic Novels that were on my current list of things to get off Amazon and now working on getting a Gi Joe Havoc cheap off ebay and then I’ll relax since I’m not that fixated on anything at the moment and it feels pretty good to have some funds for other things so I just need to get packages shipped and then plan out my next clean out.

The only items I picked up this past week were 3 Graphic Novels, a engine cover for the Sky Havoc,and a 25th Anniversary Target Exclusive Cobra Rattler and I was surprised that I managed to stay within budget and I’m fairly happy with how that went so now I’m just waiting for the Gi Joe Hurricane VTOL fighter that I’m bidding on to end and to see if I can get the Havoc cheap and that might be it for a while.


My current fixation on a few things that I was interested is starting to go away and I’m glad that I haven’t done any Impulse Spending and bought a lot of stuff and have managed to stick to just a few things over the past week and hopefully I can keep moving forward and not fall back into my old habits of spending too much.

I should be getting the Sky Patrol Sky Hawk in today and the parts lot for the Sky Havoc, I’m hoping that the SDCC Jetfire’s tracking will update today and I’m still waiting for the Recon Sled for the Sky Havoc to get here so it’s down to just waiting for a few things and then it will be back to not looking at things for a while since that’s part of my plans for the month of May is not to look at figures for a while and just unplug from the collecting hobby for most of the month.

Looking forward to getting the Sky Patrol completed this weekend and once the Engine Cover for the Sky Havoc arrives that vehicle will be 100% Complete and then I can stop looking for parts for Gi Joe Vehicles.

That’s it for this update.


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