Collection Additions 5/1/17: Gi Joe SDCC Jetfire,Cobra Rattler,and Sky Patrol Sky Hawk.

Starting off the week with getting a few things in mail and once again it’s back to finding space for the new additions.

Today’s Additions
Gi Joe SDCC Transformers Jetfire Skystriker
Gi Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Rattler
Gi Joe Sky Patrol Sky Hawk


Also got the last part I needed for the Sky Havoc and the Sky Havoc is now 100% Complete.

I’m impressed with the SDCC Jetfire and it looks great with the boosters attached, it will be on display with the Boosters. The Cobra Rattler is in decent condition and it’s still a cool looking fighter, the Sky Hawk is a neat repaint and the Chrome on this one looks great.

The Sky Havoc’s engine cover arrived today and the Sky Havoc looks great completed so I’m glad that I was able to get a lot of parts that had the Wheel Covers and Recon Sled in it to get the Havoc repaint complete.

I like the Sky Havoc more than the regular Havoc, the color scheme on the Sky Havoc looks pretty good and the chrome on this one is in excellent condition so this one was one of the rarer Sky Patrol vehicles to find and all I needed was a few parts to get it completed and it was worth it to hunt up the parts.

The Sky Shark and Sky Hawk are nice repaints and I like the Chrome Versions more than I like the original versions of these vehicles.

Getting the Sky Raven was what started my hunt for the Sky Patrol and I’m impressed with this sub team and it’s now one of my favorites since I like the Chrome on these vehicles.

Good thing I have been able to find space for the latest additions and as always I am reminded that I don’t have a lot of space and I’m happy that I don’t have anything planned for this month at the moment and I still have to figure out where I’ll park some of the items I am planning to get in June.

Found a parking spot for the Jetfire Skystriker and the Cobra Rattler in this corner of the room and as usual this part of the room will always be crowded.

The Sky Patrol occupies two shelves on the main bookshelves and I still have to reorganize to find a better spot for the Conquest fighter.

Also got the Aspen Comics Fathom Volume 4 in and I have to reorganize shelves to make room for new books so I will be spending most of May working on reorganizing things to where I can make room for what I have and decide on what else to get rid of to regain space.

Forgot to put the upper wings on the side of Jetfire’s boosters, and it looks a lot better now with those wings on the boosters.


Well that’s it for this update.


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