Collection Post 5/4/17: Packing it away.

Decided it was time to start working on packing a few things away this week and now the shelves have been cleared of a few of the smaller figures and those figures packed away into some storage totes.

I’ll need to pull out a few more storage totes to get some of the smaller figures on the other bookshelves packed away to clear up the shelves and I’m taking care of getting all the small plastic bags that have been piled up in some areas of the room into these totes so I can keep up with figure accessories better.

This room will be cleaned up a bit more by the end of this weekend and right now I have one corner of the room somewhat cleaned and dusted.

Starting to work on getting rid of some Macross items and one item has been sold and I only picked up one figure this week off ebay so I’m doing pretty well to resist getting things and after going to the Casino this week I’m content to stay focused on saving up and continue working on cleaning out a few more things.

The next thing to work on doing is pack away the aircraft models so I’ll have to go to the attic to get those boxes and get another tote to store those in to get them out of the way.

That’s it for this update.


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