Collection Post 5/17/17: A few more figures added into the collection.

Well I think I am satisfied with collecting Neon Genesis Evangelion figures for now.

I picked up  8 Evangelion Ichiban Kuji Prize figures this week and one more Yamato 2199 figure and took care of getting the Gi Joe Cobra Hurricane VTOL fighter off the list.

Picked up most of the Evangelion 3.0 Version figures, was able to snag a lot of them a good prices with Free Shipping so that fit into the small budget I have for this month perfectly.

Down to needing to get the Kaworu Nagisa D Prize figure from the 3.0 figure set to complete that set, there are a few Ichiban Kuji sets of Eva figures out there so I’ll have to do some research to see how many have been released.


I was surprised that I went ahead and got the figures I was looking for since I was trying to not do anything for this month but since it’s been a good month due to cleaning things out I wanted to go ahead and get what I was after.

Got the Yamato 2199 Akira Yamamoto figure in the other day and one of the Evangelion Mari figures should be arriving today.

Most of the other Eva figures that were picked up won’t be here till later in the month or early next month since they are coming from Japan via SAL shipping.

Picked up Fathom Volume 5 and Soulfire Volume 3, those arrived this week and have been added to the stack of Aspen Comics graphic novels that need to be read.

I still need to work on cleaning out some more and I have recovered space in one of the glass display cases after moving the Star Trek ships over to one bookshelf so that case will be filling up soon with the Evangelion figures.

Gotta find a landing spot for the Cobra Hurricane and it might be the last vehicle I pick up for a while, may have a spot for that one once I get rid of the Macross Frontier Chogokins that are taking up space on top of the small display case.

2 Weeks to the end of the month and I’m fine with what I have done this month so it’s back to working on cleaning out the last of the Macross Frontier Chogokin DX’s that are on display and work on making room for the TMNT NECA 1/4th Leonardo that will be coming out soon.

That’s it for this update.


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