Collection Additions 5/26/17: Getting through the month.

Well this has month has been a pretty good month, I have met my goal to do less for the month and I’m continuing my plans to save what I make from cleaning out items.

Got a few figures in this past week and the Gi Joe Cobra Hurricane arrived, feels like it will be impossible to find the parts I need to complete the fighter but I’m glad to have it off my list and now I don’t feel like searching for any more Gi Joe vehicles since it’s kinda dull at the moment and that means I’m spending less time on ebay so that plan is moving along well.

I like the Cobra Hurricane and it’s a nice looking jet, the one I got is missing it’s rear thrusters but overall condition is pretty decent and it is on display next to the YF-19 on top of the small black display case.


The figures have been put into the glass display case and I have plenty of room for new additions but I’m finished with figures for a while so once the last of the figures that were picked up this month arrive I’m looking forward to a few months of not collecting anything.


Out of the figures that were picked up I like the Kotobukiya Kaworu Nagisa figure and the Mari Racing figure looks a lot better than I expected so those two were worth picking up.

At this point the last thing to pick up is NECA’s TMNT 1/4th scale Leonardo and I’m going to start off June being ahead of things since I have had a successful month of cleaning things out and since I haven’t spent much this month all I need to do in June is continue with cleaning out and the last thing I picked up this month was the Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation A Choice of Futures book since I needed that one in my Star Trek Library since I have the other Rise of the Federation series books.

I just don’t feel like getting much of anything else right now and after going to the Casino this week and coming out ahead I’m looking forward to going to the Casino again next week so I will be going to the Casino more over the next few months.

That’s it for this update.


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