Collection Additions 5/29/17: A few more books added to the collection.

It feels like the hardest days of this month to get through are the last few days in the month, I did pretty well to avoid buying anything for almost a week and this week started off with getting a few books off Amazon and ended up getting another Star Wars poster for the collection.

Decided to pick up 2 24×36 poster frames off Amazon and get that off my list so now it’s down to looking into getting some larger storage totes to pack away the Gi Joe vehicles that are on display since I am tired of the Skystrikers taking up a lot of space so they will be packed away as soon as I get some large storage  totes.

Picked up today:
Aspen Universe Revelations Volume 1
Aspen Comics Eternal Soulfire Volume 1
Star Trek Section 31 Control
Star Trek The Long Mirage

Looking forward to getting the Rise of the Federation a Choice of Futures in sometime later this week or next week.

Should be getting a few of the figures that were picked up this month in this coming week since tracking updated and they might arrive on Friday, the two 24×36 poster frames picked up from Amazon should arrive by the end of the week too so I don’t have a need to go out to Target or check any stores here for things since I think we have a lot of Storage totes stored somewhere around here and I’ll check on that before going out to check for new totes.

Books are probably the cheapest thing I can get and I’m still within budget and should hopefully start off the month of June ahead of things since I don’t feel like spending anything else for a while.

The last vehicle I picked up was a Gi Joe Havoc, got that one for $10 off ebay that was complete and I may pack it away as soon as it gets in this week.

I just don’t feel like spending money anymore on the various things I normally do so I am looking forward to shutting down as planned in June.

Feels good to finish the month off being within budget and I’m hoping for some more luck when I go to the Casino this week and maybe I’ll finish the week with adding a bit more to the budget since I plan to just save up everything I get over the next few months.

That’s it for this update.


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