Collection Additions 6/1/17: Gi Joe Havoc and Aspen Comics Graphic Novels.

After a lousy day at the Casino I came home to find some packages waiting and I’m glad to have the Gi Joe HAVOC in the collection and two of the recently released Aspen Comics Graphic Novels in hand to add to my Aspen Comics collection.

The HAVOC is in somewhat decent condition, not a bad pick up off ebay for $10. I will have to replace the upper cannon seat since the control stick is broken.



Got the Sky Havoc and the Havoc on display together in the corner of the room,moved things around and got the Cobra Terror Drome up out of the floor so I won’t trip over it and the Cobra Hurricane has been moved.


I am out of space for anything new in this area so I’m glad to be finished with getting anything large into the collection for now and I just got rid of the Crusader shuttle so I won’t have a lot of large vehicles taking up space.

Two more Graphic Novels to find shelf space for and two more Star Trek books to add to the growing stack of books that I need to read.

I’m happy that Aspen Comics has released a lot of Graphic Novels lately, I can read these series again without having to pull out the individual issues and I need to get all of these into one area so I’ll have to reorganize the bookshelves again.

Looking forward to Soulfire Volume 4 coming out later this month,that will be the next Graphic Novel to pick up.

That’s it for this update, I will be spending more time reading this month and I don’t feel like staying plugged into social media that much so I’m going to get to work on reading books since  I have a huge Star Trek book backlog that I need to get through.


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