Collection Additions 6/6/17: Another week, more figures added to the collection.

Another week starting up and it looks like this week will be a slow and quiet one.

Two figures came in last week and I didn’t feel like updating the blog when I got them and I don’t feel like updating things that much from now on.

The Ichiban Kuji Evangelion 3.0 Mari  and Ichiban Kuji Kaworu Nagisa prize figures arrived and now I’m just waiting for four more figures and I think I’ll finish with those since I am tired of collecting and just want to get away from dealing with figures and it looks like I may shut down entirely by the middle of this month.


This shelf in the display case will be filled up with the figures that I’m waiting for and that may be it after this case gets filled up since I don’t want to deal with reorganizing things anymore.


While I’m happy to have a lot of Gi Joe Vehicles it’s time to start working on packing these away, I need to get large totes to store the Skystrikers and I’m not sure what I’ll keep out on display.

Just tired of seeing a lot of stuff on my shelves, packed away the Light Sabers that were on display and I may pack away the Gundam MSIA GP-03 Dendrobium that’s been on display since It was added into the collection.

Going to work on getting rid of the Robot Spirits Action figures I have in the collection, they have been packed away for a short amount of time so it’s time to get to work on cleaning out a few more things but I need to give myself a rest from cleaning things out and shipped out the two packages that I needed to get out on Monday so I want to take a break from shipping things out for a short time.

I don’t feel like getting out to check stores for anything, I don’t feel like going to the Casino anymore,and I don’t feel like checking online stores or the usual places I go to check for anything new anymore so it may be time to just shut down for good this month.

Completed Phase 1 for 2017’s main goal and I’ll be at Phase 2 in about 3-4 weeks from this point so staying on course is my focus right now and I just don’t feel like spending anymore money on toys or collectibles at the moment.

There might be at least two items left that I might want to add to the collection, one I hope is going to get released soon and the other one I’m still debating on getting since I was surprised to see that Hasbro’s Titans Returns Titan Class Trypticon had a June Release date on BBTS so I may get it when it comes out but I may wait till after it’s released to get it at a sale price.


The only other figure that I do want to get is the NECA 1/4th Leonardo to go with the rest of the NECA 1/4th TMNT Figures that are in the collection so I am waiting for that one to get in stock at BBTS or if my local Anime Shop gets Leonardo in stock I’ll grab it from there.

That’s it for this late night blog update.


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