Collection Additions 6/8/17: Yamato 2199 figures and Gi Joe Graphic Novels.

After another trip to the Casino this past week I decided to check out a few things and ended up picking up two of the Yamato 2199 series figures that I wanted to get again and found them both from the same seller on ebay at decent prices and it didn’t affect my current plans so I’m happy to add those to the collection.

The Yamato 2199 Megahouse Submarine Uniform Version Yuki Mori and Alpha Omega Niimi Kaoru  1/8th scale figures will be added to the collection next week and they will go on display in the glass display case as soon as they get in.

I have a weakness with certain figures and the pilot suit/body suit design is my main weakness. I love the Yamato 2199 designs so had to get these when I saw them pop up on ebay from a US Seller since I didn’t want to deal with having to wait for another International Package, I’m still waiting for the Melda Dietz figure to get in so I’m hoping that will arrive next week.

Niimi was one of those figures I regretted getting rid of during the purge to help clear my debt last year so I’m glad to have found her again at a very good price,now that I don’t have to deal with any problems I can slowly add in figures if I want too.

I’m still hesitant to jump back into collecting scaled figures since I want to move out next year or if I can move out in 2019 so I’m limiting what I am doing with the collecting hobby.  I can afford to get a few figures if I want too but I don’t want to deal with a lot when it’s time to move out so I’m dealing with keeping my self restraint under control and I’m content with picking up these two Yamato figures this month.

Going to get the Gi Joe Real American Hero series Graphic Novels Volumes 16 and 17 next week off Amazon since I have been reading the Gi Joe Classics Graphic Novels lately and I need more Gi Joe to read so good thing these are still available there and I might hold off getting them from Amazon since I am planning to get out to check the local comic shop later this month so I’m hopeful that I can pick these up from the Comics and Collectibles shop in Memphis if they have them.

Right now my current plans are working out with saving up and focusing on books and Graphic Novels works out for the collecting budget and I still need to get some more X-Men Graphic Novels into the collection.

Packed away the Gi Joe Skystrikers and the Vintage Night Raven this week and I need one more tote to pack away the smaller Gi Joe vehicles and I’ll have freed up another shelf for books or DVDs.

One more Casino trip planned for the month sometime next week and the last item on the list to pick up is Leonardo so all things considered I should be finished with things for the month and now it’s back to waiting 4 weeks till next month and I’ll have at least 2 more packages to ship out before the end of the month so I’m still working on cleaning out a few things and I’m hoping I can stick to not doing too much over the next few weeks.

Trying to resist the temptation to get Trypticon when he gets released, but I have a feeling I may end up failing and picking him up anyway.

Gi Joe Graphic Novels on the list to get next week and I’ll have to get Soulfire Volume 4 when it gets in stock at Amazon, books are the cheapest thing on my list of things that I collect so I’m going to stick with that and I hope the Gi Joe A Real American Hero series will be a good one and I might get all of the Graphic Novels from that series.

That’s it for this update.


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