Collection Additions 6/10/17: Yamato 2199 Niimi Kaoru.

Another weekend passing by and more progress made with packing things away and getting the room decluttered.

Got the Yamato 2199 Niimi Kaoru figure that I was waiting for in today.


Found two large storage totes here and that saved me a trip to Target, took care of packing away Gi Joe Vehicles and the Airplane models that were sitting on the floor in their boxes under the desk.

Reorganized the shelves again after getting vehicles packed away and the GP-03 Dendrobium was packed away so that shelf was freed up to display the Klingon Bird of Prey and the Defiant.

Star Trek has taken over my room again, things are getting to where it’s easy to manage the shelves and it’s easier to dust so I’m content with how things are progressing with keeping this room clean and organized.

Once again getting the bookshelves reorganized to where it’s not too cluttered and I’m still working on cleaning out the Star Trek Starship collection every so often and I’ll be packing away more Gi Joe Vehicles over the next month once I find more storage totes.

That’s it for this update.


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