Collection Additions 6/14/17: Yamato 2199 figures,Fate Grand Order Ruler, and a few other things.

Today was a good day to be out at the Casino, went to Hollywood Casino and won a small jackpot less than 10 minutes after I had sat down and after going through the usual routine with going to some of the Other Casinos we normally go too I ended up with a little bit extra when I got home so I’m pretty happy about that.

Decided to pick up a few things that I wanted and since I had a little extra and I’m looking forward to next week when these get in.

Figures Picked up today off Amazon and Ebay:
Megahouse Yamato 2199 Girls Series 1/8th Kiryuu Mikage
Megahouse Yamato 2199 Girls Series 1/8th Harada Makoto
Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury
Fate Grand Order FuRyu Jeanne d’Arc

Picked up the Metroid Other M Samus Aran figure off Amazon the other day after picking up the TMNT NECA 1/4th Leonardo from NECA’s Amazon store.

Just looking forward to getting these in next week and still waiting for a few of the items picked up last month, all that remains to pick up at this point is the Transformers Titans Returns Trypticon when it’s released.

Picked up the Outlaw Star Anime Series BluRay/DVD Combo set off Amazon and now going over what’s left on my To Get List and the only things that are on there are a few Titans Returns Deluxe figures [Top Spin and Perceptor] and two Gi Joe Vehicles [Cobra Condor and Mamba Helicopter] and I can pick those up in about two weeks since I came out ahead of things thanks to the Casino win today and I’m hopeful that I’ll find some Fate Series Figmas at Animax when I go out next week.

Only things left to do right now is wait for when the Anime Gate gets released on BluRay/DVD next month and to pick up Aspen Comic’s Soulfire Volume 4 when it gets in stock at Amazon this weekend.

Still planning to get some Gi Joe Graphic Novels from the Comics and Collectibles shop if they have those and I’ll check out some X-Men and Star Wars Graphic novels so I’m looking into Comics again and just going to relax and take it easy now that I’m slightly ahead of things after today.

I can’t splurge too much since I’m still working on saving up, I’m content with this and looking over things I didn’t spend too much on these figures and the main thing that’s going to cost me a lot is Trypticon when he gets released.

That’s it for this update.


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