Collection Addition 6/20/17: NECA’s 1/4th Scale TMNT 1990 Leonardo Action Figure.

After getting a few things in at the start of the week the main thing that I was looking forward to getting arrived today, UPS Dropped off the latest addition to NECA’s 1/4th Scale TMNT 1990 Turtle set.


I really like the box for the TMNT Figures, just has a good nostalgic feel too it since it reminds me of the old VHS tape for the movie [it’s one of the first movies I remember owning on VHS tape] and the window box is great for those collectors who want to keep it in box.

It didn’t take long to get Leonardo out of the box, using a cutter that I would normally use for model kit assembly I cut through the plastic ties that were holding Leonardo in the box and removed him from the package fairly easy and cutting the plastic wires was better than having to untie them all from the back of the box.


The level of detailing on Leonardo is amazing, I love that NECA has put a lot of effort into making the figure with a lot of detail and it’s just an impressive looking figure when one looks at the details on the skin and the accessories.

The Swords are nice and sturdy and I’m happy about that, I don’t have a lot to say about the figure other than the Amount of Articulation he has is very nice and he’s a good looking figure and worth picking up at a good deal, I managed to get him direct from NECA’s Amazon store and he was shipped in his packing box and while there wasn’t a lot of packing in the box it arrived without any damage.

Leonardo comes with a different TCRI canister, Donatello comes with the Damaged Canister and Leonardo has one that’s undamaged.

There are Six sets of hands and one slice of Pizza.

I’m one of those collectors who does not handle figures like this that much and I keep these types of figures in one pose so Leonardo is going on display with the other two in the collection.

I am very pleased with the NECA 1990 TMNT Series of figures and it’s now down to waiting 4 months till Michelangelo is released in September and the set will be complete.

This is my first set of NECA figures and I’m happy that they have been worth getting and I would love to see some other characters from the classic Turtle Movies released like Casey Jones, Shredder,and Splinter in 1/4th Scale form.

That’s it for this update, next update will be covering some of the other items that have been added to the collection this week.


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