Collection Additions 6/23/17: Late June Additions.

This has been a busy month and right now I’m not stressing or concerned with how much I have spent this month and have been focusing on looking into Fate/Grand Order and other Fate Series figures that I want and I’m pretty happy about it.

Did pretty well this month to find some good deals on ebay and the two figures that were recently added to the collection came from the same seller and were at decent prices so that made things work out with the budget for the month.

Additions to the collection this week:

Witchblade Borne Again Volume 2 and 3 -found these at the Comic Shop on Tuesday,had to pick the first volume up off Amazon.
Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy Hardcover- Got it fairly cheap off ebay using best offer.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova Mental Model Takao 1/8th Scale
Alter’s Xenosaga Episode III Kos-Mos Version 4 Action Figure

Got a few things coming in from Amazon tomorrow and next week, picked up one of the Titans Returns Transformers that was on my list to get and picked up two more DVD sets and another X-men book.

What’s coming in?

X-Factor Genesis & Apocalypse
Witchblade Borne Again Volume 1

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Blu/Ray DVD Combo Set
Cowboy Bebop Complete Series

Transformers Titans Returns Deluxe Topspin
Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber Lily Distant Avalon 1/7th Scale Good Smile Company
Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber Lily 1/8th Scale Gift

There are two other fate series figures that are coming in or I’m working on getting:

Fate/Stay Night Saber 1/8th Armor Version Gift -currently working on getting this one.
Fate/Extra Caster SEGA Prize Figure -she’s a new release and I was able to find one on ebay so that will be coming in next month sometime.

Still focused on getting the Fate/Grand Order Shielder figma and a few of the Banpresto SQ Saber prize figures, there are still a few more figures that are popping up as I’m doing my research into what Fate series figures that are out there and I’m glad that there are a few that I really want and now am reworking some of my current plans for the next few months to get to where I can pick up a few figures every month.

The only reason why I was able to get a lot this month is because I saved a good bit, won a little bit at the casino,and made one sale this month and it still hasn’t affected my overall plans for the year and right now I need to relax and try not to get sucked into collecting too many Fate series figures since I’m quickly running out of display space in the display case.

Not a lot of space left here, the bottom shelf may be reorganized and those figures may get packed away to make room for the Sabers and Caster figures.

No more space to display anything on the desk and if all goes well I may get an new monitor to replace to this old monitor since it’s starting to get to where it smells hot when it’s been on for a short while so it’s time for this one to go and get a replacement.


This was a good month for collecting, lots of figures were at good prices and due to having saved up money I was able to briefly enjoy collecting again for a while without worrying about what was spent since It was budgeted well this time.

That’s it for this update.


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