Collection Additions 6/30/17: Saber Lily and a few others.

Finishing off another month with adding more figures into the collection and I’m expecting a few more to arrive today and the last of the recent additions should arrive early next month.

Saber Lily and Kongou arrived along with two DVD sets for the Anime DVD Collection.

Top Spin was the latest Transformer added to the collection and I’m looking forward to getting Twin Twist and Misfire from the next wave of Deluxes as soon as they are released. I am still working on trying to find Perceptor from this wave and Top Spin is an instant favorite.

Saber Lily is an instant favorite since I love her design and she looks great on the top shelf of the glass display case.

Got Takao and Kongou on the shelf together in the display case and I’m down to just down to the bottom shelf.

Saw the latest assortment of Transformers Deluxe figures and decided it was time to make a short list of what I’ll be looking into getting when they are released:

Deluxe Wave 5 Twin Twist
Deluxe Wave 5 Misfire
Voyager Wave 5 Octane
Voyager Wave 5 Blitzwing
Titan Class Trypticon

I may pick these guys up as soon as they are available but I am hoping to wait till they get in stock on Amazon and wait for them to drop in price to snag them cheap if I can.

Managed to find a Fate/Grand Order Shielder figma cheap on Ebay, won the Fate/Stay Night Saber figure that I was bidding on, and picked up a Yamato 2199 Yuki Mori Swimsuit Version figure from Mandarake this week so it’s been a busy week adding in a few things and It’s back to waiting for things to come in.

So waiting for 2 Sabers to arrive and 1 Figma, Yuki Mori won’t arrive till middle of July and she was super cheap on Mandarake’s ebay store at $30 so all that remains is picking up the Yamato 2199 Pilot Suit Version Yuki Mori and I’ll have most of the Megahouse Yamato Girls series figures.

Shielder should be arriving today, and one of the Yamato 2199 figures that was picked up off Mandarake earlier in the month should be arriving too. If all goes well I may have one last Yuki Mori figure on the list for the start of July and if I can stay focused only on Transformers for July that should make things easy next month.

Still trying to keep things within budget, this month was okay since I had saved a bit but still need to ease off the additions even if stuff is cheap it’s adding up fast and I can’t afford to get addicted to hunting up Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Grand Order figures right now.

Feels like the only things I have been searching for as of late have been Fate/Grand Order and Yamato 2199 figures and I’d like to take a rest from that since I have completed my objectives to rebuild my Yamato 2199 collection and to get one or two Saber figures for the collection.

Did a check on how many figures are in the Yamato 2199 Girls collection and I’m only 3 shy of having a complete set.  I never had an interest in getting Hilude’s figure, I had Yuria’s figure but didn’t really like that one, and Saijyo Miki’s figure is still fairly expensive and I’m hoping to find her eventually.

Niimi, Melda,and Akira are my favorites out of this set of figures and they were worth getting back into the collection.


Well that’s it for this Month’s Additions, I still need to make one last photo once the figures that I’m still waiting for arrive since I like making periodic updates to the blog a lot better than updating all the time.


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