Collection Additions 7/10/17: Transformers Titans Returns Wave 4 and Upgraded Tech at last.

So it’s been a while and since my last blog post I have found almost all of the Transformers Titans Returns figures that I wanted to get at Target and was also pleasantly surprised to have found a 24″ TV on sale at Target. I didn’t intend to get one this month but I needed to upgrade so decided to get it anyway since it was fairly cheap compared to the other TVs in the electronics area.

Checked Best Buy’s website for a new Monitor to replace the old LG Flattron Widescreen monitor that was starting to overheat and found a Acer LED 23″ Monitor on sale and had to grab it since I had gotten the new TV a day earlier and went ahead and marked that off my list.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see new Transformers on the pegs at Target since it was always barren so I must have gotten there right after they had restocked the Toy Area and snagged the figures that I wanted to get.

Titans Returns Legends Class Seaspray
Titans Returns Legends Class Cosmos
Titans Returns Deluxe Quake
Titans Returns Voyager Class Octane [I can’t call him Octone,sorry]
Titans Returns Voyager Blitzwing [Got lucky since there was only one of him on the shelf]

I had used my ebay bucks to pick up Perceptor so I didn’t pay anything for Perceptor and it’s now down to finding Deluxe Kup and Legends Class Brawn.

I’m still surprised at finding these guys since I wasn’t expecting to find anything in Target’s Toy Aisle after a Holiday so I got lucky and I like both of the Voyager Class figures and Octane is my favorite of the two.

I may have to pick up Broadside this week if I can get back out to check Walmart and Target again, feels like I want to get back into collecting Transformers again and there is only one figure on order for the month since I decided to get Trypticon on order and take my chances finding Misfire and Twin Twist when they come out since I didn’t really want to spend almost $60 for 3 of them on BBTS when I’m better off waiting to find them since I want Misfire and Twin Twist from Wave 5 of the Deluxes.

Looking forward to having Octane next to the Titans Returns Titan Class Trypticon when I get him later this month or early in August, Blitzwing looks pretty good next to Masterpiece Soundwave on the shelf.


The last figure that arrived for the Anime Collection was the Fate/Stay Night Saber that I was waiting for and it’s down to waiting for the Yamato 2199 Yuki Mori Swimsuit figure to arrive and Tracking updated on that one and it should be here before the end of the week.

The Fate/Extra SEGA Caster figure arrived before Saber did along with the Yamato 2199 Ichiban Kuji Akira Yamamoto figure that I picked up from Mandarake.

Right now the only thing I’m waiting for is just one International Package and I’m hopeful that when I get out this week I can find the HDMI switch I need and maybe I’ll find an HDMI Adapter to get the Xbox 360 hooked up to the TV, I may pick up an adapter for the PS2 and since both the TV and the Monitor have HDMI ports on them I could hook the PS2 up to the Monitor.

I like the larger screen, it’s going to take me a short while to get used too it and it’s almost the same size as the TV and I’m happy that it didn’t cost me a lot and I’m glad to have had saved up a bit to be able to afford it this month so all that’s left for me to do this month is to wait for the next Transformers to come out and find the Adapters I need to get my consoles hooked up.

One of the reasons why the small LG Widescreen TV works for me is that I couldn’t find anything smaller in the electronics department since all the other TVs were larger and more expensive so picking up the one that was  on Sale worked out and with the Red Card saved 5% so that helped out a lot.

The TV fits into the small space perfectly and since the two new screens are the same size it fits in well with the rest of the room.


I don’t have a lot of space left for new things so I’m happy that I can put things aside for a while and just wait for the newest figures to come out and then either work on cleaning things out again or just pack stuff away.

That’s it for this update.


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