Collection Additions 7/11/17: Transformers Titans Returns Six Shot,Deluxe Kup,and a few other figures.

Well another day and another outing to check out the places around here and I was pleasantly surprised to once again find the last Deluxe figure that I needed to complete Wave 4 of the Titans Returns figures and decided to pick up Voyager Class Broadside since the other Target that I went too had what felt like 4-5 of him on the shelf.

The local Target here had about 4-5 Octane’s and the other Target had about 5 of Broadside, the local Target only had 2 Broadsides so once again I just wonder about Hasbro’s Distribution as to why so many of one figure ends up at certain places.

Went to Walmart first and saw the Black Series Obi-Wan Light Saber and was tempted on that but I didn’t feel like spending $149 for it so passed on it and it’s on the list to get sometime late in August or in September.

The Star Wars part of the Toy Aisle at Walmart was dismal, no sign of the Royal Guard or Lando Calrissian Black Series 6″ figures yet since those are the two I’m interested in picking up. The Star Wars part of the Toy Aisles seem like they are the same and haven’t really changed at all during the past year since Rogue One came out and it’s slowly diminishing in size but both places still had  a lot of Force Awakens shelf warmers and it feels like the only parts of the Toy Aisles that may change are the Marvel Legends and Transformers sections.

Walmart had a few Titans Returns figures and a few of the figures from the latest Transformers film that I passed on getting since I’m not interested in those at all, there were no Voyager or Leader Class titan Returns figures at Wal-Mart so ended up picking up 3 figures at Walmart:

Legends Class Roadburn
Deluxe Class Highbrow
Deluxe Class Chromedome

Picked up at Target:
Leader Class Six Shot
Voyager Class Broadside
Deluxe Kup


Saw a lot of Deluxe Blurr’s taking up space on the pegs along with Scourge and one or two Top Spins and maybe a Wave 4 Quake and I think there was a Krok in that small area and there were a lot of Roadburns and Bumblebees in the Legends class section.

Decided to pick up Chromedome and Highbrow since I wanted those back in the collection.

Target had a slightly better selection of Deluxes that were more Current and I was surprised to see just one Kup sitting on the front peg so had to get him and finish off getting the Deluxes from Wave 4 that I wanted to get.

There were 2 Leader Class Six Shot’s sitting on the bottom of the shelf and for $40 I couldn’t resist and picked up a Six Shot since he’s a bit more expensive online and I sold mine a month or two ago and after looking at the new Titans Returns figures wanted to get him back in the collection.


I’m happy I didn’t have to order Kup off Amazon and getting him in store for only $15 was a good deal and I’m down to getting Legends Class Brawn and Leader Class Sky Shadow.

Broadside is Okay but he just doesn’t seem that exciting as a figure when compared to the others and while he’s a Triple Changer he looks better to me in his Robot mode so there is a good chance I may not bother to transform him.  Broadside is one of those figures that falls into the category of “I got him because there were a lot of him and felt like getting one.” Not sure why Target ended up with so many of him but if he’s going to end up being a shelf warmer I should have possibly waited till he went on sale or something but I decided to get him and mark him off the list so that’s it with Broadside.


I was very surprised to see that BBTS had shipped Titans Returns Titan Class Trypticon so I’m looking forward to that one getting in at the end of the week and then it will be back to waiting for new figures to get released.

Checked Ross for the 50th Anniversary Gi Joe sets and didn’t find anything, it’s the old thing of reading about them showing up at places like Ross discounted but I never really find anything when I go out so that was a Bust and I’m not really planning to get into collecting more Gi Joes right now.

Now down to waiting for Misfire,Twin Twist, and Leader Class Overlord to get in stock either at local stores or online and then I’ll end up in another mental debate over waiting to hunt them up if they ever show up locally or just skip the hassle of going out and get them online.

I just don’t have the room to keep collecting figures and as much as I would love to continue collecting it’s time to put things aside for a while and after spending what I have spent this month I want to put my feet up since I took care of the main things that needed to be done and all that remains now is to get the cables I need to hook the consoles to the HDMI port on the TV and that’s pretty much it.

No more trips out to Walmart or Target for a while, and no outing to the Casino since I did a bit more than I expected too so I don’t mind sitting things out this month after marking these figures off my list and once Trypticon gets in it’ll be down to waiting for a minimum of 4 figures and I’d love to just shut things down for at least a month and avoid wanting to get anything for a while.


Still within budget even with what I’ve done this month but it would be nice to not do ANYTHING for a while since I’ve gotten almost everything I could possibly want and it feels like it may be down to a coin toss decision on getting Leader Class Sky Shadow or if I feel like I want to get Obi-Wan’s light saber but I just don’t feel like spending over $120 on anything right now.

Trypticon was the most expensive thing picked up from BBTS and I normally don’t like spending that much on something but I wanted to get it over with and have that major item off my Want List.

2 Shopping Outings this month, 3 expensive items picked up,and I think it is time to settle in and relax if I can for the rest of the month.

That’s it for this update,next update should be when Trypticon arrives.


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