Collection Additions 7/31/17: Transformers Leader Class Overlord,More Transformers, and Video Games.

Well I didn’t do that well with resisting things this month and right now I don’t care about that.

I had a very good weekend, my Brother was in town with his Family and I spent time with my Nephew and saw Spiderman Homecoming on Saturday afternoon so this weekend went by fast.

As usual every time I come back to log in to check places it’s the usual complaining about things or new things so I’m happy that I didn’t check much for what was coming out so I ignored Summer Won Fes and have been moving along fairly well and I’m happy to say that I really don’t want that much and I’m kinda tired of all the Fate/Grand Order figures so I’m just gonna move along and relax for the rest of the year.

The more time I spend going out and being offline the Happier I am,while I get tired of being out for long I’m spending less time on Facebook and spending more time watching Baseball games,Star Trek,Movies,and Scifi so I’m moving on from being plugged in and it feels pretty good since I’m enjoying some things a lot more now.

So far I’ve been out to Walmart at least twice this month and been to Target twice, Went to Gamestop this weekend with my Brother and Nephew before we went to the Movie theater and ended up picking up some Playstation 3 Games fairly cheap using gift cards.

This weekend was spent doing accounting and making sure bills were paid and all that’s taken care of and things balanced out so I know what I can do in August but after getting all of this this month I am ready to put it aside for a while if I can.

I like the idea of Saving more money every month and doing less each month since this is I think the 3rd month of starting off a new month with things saved and ended up emptying out the change container and there was about $20 worth of change in there so I’m going to keep working on saving up leftover change and doing less over the next few months.

I found I miss shopping for preowned/used games since that has been the way to find a game that I was interested in but never got when it came out since I really don’t like paying the regular price for a new game so I always end up waiting till later to find it cheap.

All right, moving onto what was added to  the collection for the later part of the month.

Finally got the Transformers Titans Returns Leader Class Overlord in and he was worth getting and I’m now glad that I didn’t pass up on Sky Shadow so they both look great together.  My favorite feature for Overlord is that he can separate into the Jet and Tank form so he might be displayed for a while in Vehicle mode.


Ended up getting Titans Returns Deluxe Misfire off Amazon,used a $5 Gift Card on him so that saved me a little bit and now I’m down to finding Deluxe Twin Twist to finish off my Transformers To Get List. -May end up passing on the Chaos on Velicitron set and pick up the Transformers Wallgreens Clone Pack when it gets on shelves around here next month.

Picked up the Transformers Titans Returns Optimus Prime 2 Pack off Amazon as soon as it went up, looking forward to getting my hands on that War For Cybertron Optimus Prime and the Titans Return Orion Pax [Repaint of Deluxe Kup] that set will arrive on Tuesday.

Headed out to Gamestop again today to pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy for PS3 and found Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 for $9 along with the Mass Effect Omniblade that was on sale and the Kotobukiya Marvel Now Emma Frost [White Outfit] 1/10 Scale figure.

On one of the  Trip to Walmart ended up picking up a Power Rangers Legacy Morpher that was on clearance and had to pick that one up since my local walmart only had 2 of those so it was something to get [ended up getting Optimus and Megatron the next trip after that] The Mass Effect Omniblade was an impulse purchase just like the Morpher but it looks cool and I’m happy to have gotten it on sale instead of pay the expensive online prices for it.


When I was at Gamestop on the weekend ended up getting Transformers Dark of the Moon and Star Ocean The Last Hope cheap.

Ended up picking up a few games cheap off Amazon:
Tales of Xillia PS3
Tales of Xillia 2 PS3
Star Wars Unleashed II PS3

I didn’t have a lot of games for the PS3 and I had to get a new Mass Effect game since my old Xbox 360 was having problems with the end of the Mass Effect disc so decided to go ahead and get the PS3 version.

There were a few other Anime figures picked up between the last update and one was a figure I wasn’t expecting to get and the other was an Impulse purchase, Mamiya Marie from the Eroge/Hentai Series Starless and Kotobukiya’s Muv Luv Meiya Mitsurugi was picked up cheap off ebay.

Ended up getting Takara Legends Galvatron off ebay fairly cheap and Emma Frost was only $20 at Gamestop, Meiya was only $45 so I couldn’t pass that up at that price and Mamiya was an expensive figure so I hope to avoid looking at ebay for a while over the next month.


Ended up getting two things off ebay before the end of the Month: GSC’s 1/8th Scale Meiya figure and Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark PS3 cheap so that may do it for shopping for games since I need to start playing the new ones and get to playing the older ones I have.


Star Wars Epic Collection New Republic Volume 1

Mass Effect Trilogy PS3
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 PS3
Star Ocean The Last Hope PS3
Transformers Dark of the Moon PS3

Kotobukiya Emma Frost 1/10th Scale Figure
Transformers Titans Returns Deluxe Misfire
Transformers Titans Returns Voyager Class Optimus Prime
Transformers Titans Returns Voyager Class Megatron
Transformers Titans Returns 2 Pack Exclusive Optimus Prime and Orion Pax
Transformers Takara Legends Galvatron
Kotobukiya Muv Luv Meiya Mitsurugi
Skytube Mamiya Marie

Managed to find display space for the new Transformers and ended up Salvaging a huge 6 shelf bookshelf off the side of the road this weekend and it can fit in the room so it will solve my display space issues so I’ll be reorganizing to make room for that sometime this week.


Right now I’m not over budget and managed to successfully get through July without going over budget but there were a few things that made things add up quickly and this weekend was spent doing the Accounting and keeping track of everything so I’m happy that the month will start off without me stressing over things too much and I want to relax more next month so I’m working on unplugging more often and getting out more since I can afford to do that if I budget things better than I have for this month.

Only other thing that came in later this month was a Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D 24×36 poster and that was framed as soon as it came in. Found a few Star Trek posters I want to get so looking forward to picking those up next month and getting my room Trekked out with lots of Star Trek Posters on the walls.


So the year moves on and I’m still within Phase 1 of this year’s main goal to save up so the plan is to relax in September now that accounting has been done and it’s time for a nice 2 week rest from things so I can focus on what I’d like to do in September for my Birthday and I keep on thinking about planning a trip to watch a Baseball game in a Atlanta so might be something worth looking into to see if it’s possible.

At this point I’m just not going to get myself stressed over things so spending more time offline is working out well and Twitter is the only place I’m really active.

That’s it for this update, next update would be whenever I feel like updating again so that might be a while.


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