Collection Update 8/1/17: Things are off to a good start.

August is starting off great.

I’m ahead of things and thanks to a good trip to the Casino this time around came home a bit early thanks to my Aunt and managed to get out of there with what I won so I’m happy I didn’t loose much of anything and came out of there ahead so that’s a great way to start the month.

Finished up a deal I was working on over the last month so now I need to ship 3 packages out this coming week and after doing a lot of splurging I am looking forward to staying on course as planned to sit back and relax.

I’m passing on picking up the Transformers Chaos on Velicitron set and that means I can focus on picking up one or two Star Trek posters if I wanted too but I’d love to just relax and after doing accounting of what was added in today I could rest for a while and not feel like I need to sell things for at least a month.

Got the Transformers Titans Returns Optimus Prime 2 Pack in today so that was waiting for me when I got home, the weather today was comfortable and it was Overcast so by the time I got out of the Casino there was light rain coming down so that made me sleepy on the way home.

Found a display spot for the Mass Effect Omniblade, it will be sitting on top of the corner bookshelf next to the Gi Joe X-19 jet.

Since I got lucky at the Casino the Robotech Vintage SDF-1 will be staying in the collection, after seeing the new SDF-1 statue that’s coming out and seeing the price on that I’m glad this one will stay in the collection since it’s a good looking figure.


Still need to work on doing less as planned for August, spent a short while dusting shelves and figures/ships and took a stack of empty figure boxes to the attic and the attic is getting filled up again so I have to stop simply because I don’t have a lot of storage space anymore.

Nothing going on now and I’m halfway asleep so I may take a nap after having a lucky day at the Casino and It feels good to be relaxed and I’m waiting for some Baseball games to come on tonight and those will be on soon.

That’s it for this update.


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