Collection Post 8/9/17: Focusing on Star Wars this month.

Since I’m kinda tired of collecting Transformers and looking at anything related to Gi Joe it’s time to go back to the one toy line that I have always managed to collect every year:

Star Wars

I am not that excited about anything new with the Toyline and have been looking back at the older series and found that I liked the Clone Wars Toyline and the SAGA line a lot along with the 30th Anniversary line that produced a lot of great figures and vehicles and have spent the first part of this month hunting up a few of the old vehicles that I wanted back in this collection.

First vehicle to be acquired was the Y-Wing fighter, the Gold Leader version through a Trade from my usual trading partner that I have been selling a lot too and the reason why I want the Y-Wing back in the collection is that the Y-Wing is one of my favorite Rebel Alliance fighters and it’s one of those that looks cool and has always been one of those vehicles that I wish would get released with every new line since it’s one of those vehicles that is just cool and I always wish for a new version with electronic features.

Ended up finding a Y-Wing Clone Wars Bomber pretty cheap, had my eye on a few on ebay and one that was relisted came up at a decent price with Free Shipping so had to grab that one.

I like the classic look of the Y-Wing over the Armored version but they are both pretty cool and getting the Y-Wing means I’ll have to look into getting an X-Wing soon since it feels like I can’t have a Y-Wing on display without an X-Wing next to it.

Going to pick up a stand for the Y-Wing since I have limited shelf space and looking around for Acrylic Display stands found one from the seller I got the stand for the DST Enterprise E so that will be among the first things picked up next week.

Looking into other Star Wars vehicles the old Episode II Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring TRU Exclusive came up again and decided to work on finding one of those and that should be the next Vehicle to be added in.


Been getting sucked back into the old Star Wars Unleashed Statue/Figure line and had to pick up Aayla Secura and Princess Leia and those were pretty neat statues and I wish that they had expanded that line to cover more characters but I’m happy that they released a lot of characters just it would have been nice if there was a Mara Jade or Admiral Thrawn as part of that line.

Current Objectives to pick up:
Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Version
Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Version

One of the things I like the most about the Star Wars Unleashed line is that most of the older statues can be found at decent prices on ebay and if you are patient can get them at a good deal.

I’m still tempted to pick up some of the Kotobukiya Art FX Statues again but I just don’t have the space for a lot of things so I’ve managed to narrow my current interest in Star Wars items down to just a few things.

Currently looking at a few Star Wars Books that I want to pick up and Star Wars Thrawn is at the top of the list, there are a few Epic Collections for the Star Wars Graphic Novel series to pick up this month and Star Wars Darth Vader TPBs are on the list to add to the comic collection.

I may try to squeeze in one more Lightsaber since Darth Vader’s light saber has been something I wanted to get but I’m holding out on that one to find it on sale, already have 4 light sabers in the collection and I may have room for one more if I decide to get that one in.

The last thing I’m working on getting is the Jango Fett Slave 1 and Mace Windu Jedi Starfighter from the Rise of Boba Fett TRU Exclusive set, if I can’t get that one I’ll fall back on getting the old Attack of the Clones Jango Fett Slave 1 and a Stand for that ship.

Since I have been focused so much on Star Trek and binge viewing that it feels like I have neglected Star Wars for most of this year and so far the only Star Wars item that was picked up prior to getting the Y-Wing Bomber  was Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber and that has me thinking about getting more of the Light Sabers but I have most of the ones I want so Vader’s saber would be the last one to pick up.

I’m still thinking about one or two Anime figures that I would like to get but I’m still working on my efforts to keep saving and doing less and found that I just want to focus on Star Wars for a while and get away from Anime for at least a Month since that will help out a lot and so far I’m not breaking the bank with what I’m after so that’s working out well.

Part of the reason why I always loop back into Star Wars after collecting a few other series is that it’s something I still like and I can’t get away from collecting Star Wars entirely so at best it’s always a month or two break from Star Wars since there are a lot of other things out there that keep luring me back in due to my nostalgic connection to it and Star Wars is one of those series that I’m collecting due to Nostalgia at times.

Currently I’m trying to avoid getting sucked back into collecting Battlestar Galactica, saw that the Moebius Models Assembled Classic Galactica had been released and I’m still looking forward to the Assembled version of the Raptor to be released but the main thing that keeps me from doing that is space limitations in the room so I’m just going to have to say “No.” to doing a lot at this point in the year and picking up just a few Star Wars things this month is enough to fill in a few empty spaces so that means I may be finished with things once things get in.

Feels like it’s always back to the “Running out of Space.” status every few months so I may have to look into getting another bookshelf or a small shelf to display new things.

It does feel good to get back to collecting Star Wars a little bit, I’m going to avoid the usual splurging on things and stay focused on the main things I’m after and then move onto the next thing that gets my Interest.

That’s it for this update.


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