Collection Update 12/28/17: End of the Year Collection Pictures.

After getting over the usual moods that come from doing the end of the month Accounting of things I’m actually glad that I’ll have a 2 month rest from things since I have needed one for a long time and after dusting and reorganizing the main shelves I don’t need to continually add in things every month so this should work out well for next year if I’m not doing a lot like I was this year.

I have to continually remind myself of the benefits of not doing a lot and falling back to the original plans I had for collecting since the benefits are positive ones and the more that I go over it the better it looks so I just have to unhook from things for a while and that’s going to be the most difficult part of it all and it might be easier this time so I’m hopeful that if I can get through this things will start to improve again.

At the moment the plans for next year don’t need to be revised or changed too much and after getting rid of the figure preorders and sticking to just 2 things in February and if I can acquire the Power of the primes figures I’m looking for locally I won’t have to deal with having those on Pre-Order for May and that saves about $140 since I’d LOVE to find them locally and not have to get them online.

Dusted and reorganized and it’s back to the fact I have a lot of stuff on the shelves so that may motivate me to either pack stuff away or get rid of a few things and the Star Wars Vehicle collection might be purged again next year and I’m tempted to sell my Cobra Terror Drome but I want to keep that one since it’s a main part of the Gi Joe Collection and I can sell off other items before I get to that one so it will stay for a while longer since it’s hard enough to sell and I can’t ship that one due to it’s size so I won’t bother with it at the moment.

At the moment I’m focused on keeping the Transformers collection organized and with the two top shelves of the main bookshelves filled with figures it’s a visual reminder to me of why I don’t need to add more to the collection and why a 2 month rest is needed since it takes a while just to dust and clean so this helps keep things under control.

Looking at the shelves that have the Masterpiece and Third Party help to remind me that I don’t need to collect those two anymore since they have gotten expensive and I don’t have a lot of space for more figures so I should be happy and content with what I have and I am fairly content with the size of this collection.

I feel like I did too much with Third Party figures this year and the last 2 months I was tempted to get Masterpiece figures since I kept finding them at good prices and the more I spent the more I wanted to get back to getting Deluxes and Voyager class figures since I’m happier in the end with spending less on a single figure than spending a Lot on one large figure so next year I won’t be getting any Third Party Figures even though I want the Toy World Dinobots to go with MP Grimlock and the only way I’ll get those is if they go on clearance so I gotta budget things a lot better next year.

I know there might be a Trailer add on for MB-01 Arch Enemy and it will be on the list of things to look into next year I just need to make sure I can afford it and I still want to get 2 X-Transbot figures that I have been watching for a while and I’d love to get the Masterpiece Conehead Seekers but I can’t afford those.

Managed to get a few Jetfires into the collection and I should have stuck with the Generations Jeftire since the Mechaform Sky Guardian is kinda dull and the Walgreens Exclusive Jetfire is dull too so I’m glad I got the Takara Legends Jetfire fairly cheap and I did come close to getting another large 3rd Party Jetfire but came to my senses and I’m glad I didn’t spend almost $160 or more on one so I’ll end up getting rid of those two Jetfires I don’t like next year.


As the year comes to a close I’m glad to have the Titans Returns Titan Class figures in this collection and Trypticon is an easy favorite so he’ll remain in the collection for a while and Fort Max will remain and the only thing I need to do with these two next year is Transform them both from time to time since I rarely transform my figures and need to do that often.

I’m glad that the vintage Robotech SDF-1 has survived this year and has remained in the Collection since I was going to sell it a few months ago but decided not too since I thought I could afford the new SDF-1 that’s coming out next year but after seeing the price on that one I’ll keep this one and I need to Transform that one into it’s Spaceship Mode soon.

Haven’t added anything to the Anime Collection and it’s still limited to one display case in the room and 2 figures displayed on the desk so if I can get through 2018 without being drawn back into collecting these things that will be great even though I still like these figures but I don’t feel like spending over $100 for another figurine that I wouldn’t have any space to display so all things considered I’m glad to have downsized that collection over the course of the last few years to where it can fit in this case and all I have to do is dust that case out every so often.

Once again this is still the highlight of 2017 getting the Defiant Shuttle Launch Complex and it’s one of those things that will remain in this collection for a long time, it’s one of the few things I look at at that makes me smile since it’s my Holy Grail of collecting and getting it makes taking a rest from things easier than expected since I don’t have a lot of space left for things since it takes up a LOT of space.

One of the things I’m glad that happened this year was getting an Upgrade for the Monitor and I’ll need to get a new Keyboard soon since I’m getting tired of that huge Keyboard taking up space so that’s something to work on next year when I’ll have to upgrade my PC.

The Gi Joe Sky Patrol Sky Raven will survive the Gi Joe Collection purge since it’s the rarest one of that set and I like the chrome on it so all I have to do in this part of the room is find a better way to store those DVD sets and dust the shelves.

I may end up getting rid of those Superman Man of Steel Play Arts Kai figures sometime next year but they’ll stay on display for a while longer and the Power Morpher will be packed away.

I feel like I need to pack away all the DVDs into the closet again but that area is now full of Artbooks and I just have too many DVDs and Books in the collection so I may clean more of those out next year.

So far the room is just packed and a constantly reminding me of why self restraint is needed next year since I can’t afford to collect like I did this year next year and I don’t have the space for it so all things considered I’m ending things off on a good note being where I can put it aside for a while and I need to pack a few more things away again but it feels like my storage area is now full so I don’t have a lot of space left for anything and that’s a good reason to take a rest from collecting for most of 2018.

Well that’s it for this update and I may not update the blog again till next year.


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