Collection Additions 1/7/18: Transformers Power of the Primes Optimus Prime and Titans Returns figures.

So the new year has started and I’m already dealing with moods as usual and decided that I’m better off continuing to blog here since it’s part of my normal routine and it does help me mentally since I like to write even if no one reads anything I write.

First addition of the year was the Takara Legends Astro Train and he’s a great looking figure and was worth picking up, I didn’t bother with getting a photo of this figure when I took him out of his package since I don’t feel like handling this one that much.

The Dark color Paint Scheme makes it a visually appealing figure and it looks way better than the Hasbro version.

The 2nd Addition for 2018 was the Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimus Prime, got this one using my ebay bucks so I’m happy about that and he was worth getting for the robot mode alone since I love how he looks and I don’t feel like transforming him at all.

Prime is a solid figure in my opinion.

Feels like he’s the best figure out of the series so far and I’m happy to have selected Optimus first since I’m not that crazed to get Rodimus Prime now and this prime fits perfectly on the shelf with the other Optimus Prime figures that are in the collection.

Went out to Target and rescued two Titans Returns Deluxes for $7 and I couldn’t resist getting another Deluxe Trigger Happy and decided to finally pick up Krok on clearance so I’m pleasantly surprised with how he looks even though I initially passed on him so kinda tempted to find a Skullmasher from Wave 1 to have both the repaints of this one but I’ll end up passing on that.

So for the first week of 2018 things were fairly dull and Saturday was another Stressful day so I’m glad that Sunday has been fairly relaxed and after going out for Lunch and checking Target I’m hopeful that the coming week will be relaxed too since I don’t plan to do much and I’ll get out again on Tuesday so if I could get out more often I won’t feel like I’m going stir crazy from being stuck at home all the time.

I’ll end up keeping Triggerhappy in his Vehicle Mode since I like his Vehicle Mode and he’s one of my favorite figures from the Titan’s Return line so he’ll be a duplicate that will sit on the desk.

Waiting for Power of the Primes Voyager Grimlock to get in and I hope that comes in next week and then it’ll be down to waiting for Wave 2 of Power of the Primes and I can fit those into a small budget over the next month or two so I’m glad that I can still collect those for a while longer.

Right now I’m just going to have to relax this coming week and I think the first major item I’ll pick up this year is one that I’ve been after for a long time and I hope I can find the X-Transbots Eligos [Masterpiece Cyclonus] since I really want that one and I hope BBTS gets the Voltron Classic Lions in soon since they shipped the Black Lion and that may get in tomorrow so I am looking forward to having that in hand.


I’m not going to drive myself mad thinking about finances anymore since it’s part of what causes my stress so all I can do is just relax and forget about it for a while and as long as I remain focused on what I really want to get it shouldn’t cause me a problem.

I need to focus on getting figures photos again and start getting back to some of what used to be my normal routines since that routine has been disrupted for a long period of time dealing with other things so that’s on the list of things to do this coming month.

That’s it for this update.

Next Update when I get the Voltron Lions in and get the newest Voltron set complete.


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