Collection Addition 1/9/18: Transformers Power of the Primes Voyager Class Grimlock.

After having a great day being out and unplugged from things for most of the day I came home to find a package waiting and Grimlock had arrived so I’m in a good mood since he’s the last Transformer from the line I want to get right now so I’m happy about that and this completes the set of the Wave 1 Dinobots.

Had a nice day out today.

Went to 5 Casinos today and when I left I had only a $15 loss after paying back what I borrowed for the trip so I’m glad that I don’t have any Gambling Debt to deal with and I need more days like this where I’m relaxed and enjoying the time away from Home instead of being plugged into the internet all day long.

My lunch at the Casino Buffet at Hollywood was free since it was a buy one get one free deal and lunch was pretty good too so that filled me up and I didn’t feel like I had to snack on anything and drank Tea instead of Soda so no Caffeine to keep me up tonight and I need a good night’s rest.

The Weather was Foggy most of the day and it was heavy Fog on the way home so once again it feels great to be home and out of that Weather.

Getting Grimlock in hand helps things along since I don’t need to think about this one anymore and all that remains for Power of the Primes would be Rodimus but he’ll be picked up later next month or if I find him next time I go out.

The packing for Grimlock is fairly simple and if I wanted to keep him in his box it’s a nice Window box for those who want to keep it sealed in package but I never keep stuff sealed in package for long and he was opened during the course of making photos for this blog post.

I won’t be bothering with the combined mode with the Dinobots so I’ll be covering the Robot Mode and T-Rex mode.


I like how Grimlock looks and the Stickers make him look pretty decent, he’s small for a Voyager Class Figure but it’s nice to have another Grimlock in the Collection. It would have been nice if he had a mini blaster or sword like the Masterpiece Grimlock has but for now the lack of a weapon doesn’t bother me.

Transformation was fairly easy and at this point he looks decent in Dinomode and I may display him in Robot Mode instead of this one since it’s kinda dull to me.

Out of Power of the Prime’s Wave 1 Voyager Class figures I think this one is the best out of the two and I’ll be passing on Starscream since I don’t like how he looks and he looks great with the other Dinobots so it was worth picking up Grimlock to have a set of G1 style Dinobots.

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to collect the Power of the Primes Line and I am looking forward to the rest of the Dinobots in Wave 2, getting these makes me want to get the Toy World Dinobots to go with Masterpiece Grimlock to have 2 sets of Dinobots in the collection.

After getting most of Wave 1 of the Power of the Primes series I’m somewhat pleased with how the Dinobots came out and the Legends Classes were nice but Prime is the best figure so far from this series and I am looking forward to more Power of the Primes figures.

I forgot to get Dreadwind in the photo for the Wave 1 figures but I don’t really care for Dreadwind right now but I am eager to continue collecting Power of the Primes since I am excited for the Duocon Legends Class Figures and the rest of the Dinobots so I have hopes that this line will improve over the course of the few waves of figures.

That’s it for this little update, next update should be the Playmates Classic Voltron Black Lion that’s due to arrive at any time so that’s all for now.


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