Collection Additions 2/10/18: Transformers Dinobots, Xtransbots Eligos,and Voltron.

Well it’s been a while since the last update here since I feel like I’m at the point of forgetting about this blog but I’ll update anyway since I’m somewhat bored at the moment.

Finished with the main objectives for the collection and now all I need to do is get 2 boxes shipped out next week and I can put my feet up again since January was a successful month with cleaning things out and staying focused on the main goals that were set so now I don’t have much of a reason to stay plugged into the collecting hobby and can relax a lot easier now.

So far the main additions to the collection over the past month were the following:
Transformers Toyworld Dinobot Iron Dreg
Transformers Toyworld Dinobot Roar
Transformers Toyworld Dinobot Muddy
Transfromers Toyworld Dinobot Spear [This turned out to be a KO but it was cheap and I don’t care]
Transformers X-Transbots Master X Eligos [Masterpiece Scale Cyclonus!]
Voltron Classic Red Lion
Voltron Classic Blue Lion
Voltron Classic Yellow Lion
Voltron Classic Green Lion
Transformers Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime [Also picked up 2 3D Printed pieces to make it look better and the one that I got was customized with silver paint on the wheels]

Right now I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING with the Hobby after getting this stuff added to the collection and I’m 2 and a half weeks away from my main goal for this part of the year so I don’t need to do much of anything else for a while.

While the Masterpiece Scaled dinobots were the main goal for the Transformers collection the Master X Series Eligos was the primary objective for the Third Party collection and it’s been a character I have wanted in Masterpiece Scale for years so I had to grab this one when I saw it pop up on ebay from a US Seller so it came pretty quickly after I got it and right now it fits in the collection perfectly.

I need to find a decal sheet of Decepticon Logos to get on on his chest along with getting Logos on Fans Toys Sovereign so both the 3rd Party MP Scale Galvatron and Megatron will look better and I can finish with this figure since getting a Masterpiece Scaled Galvatron was the main reason I got into 3rd Party figures.

February7th2018CyclonusGalvatron1All I need at this point is a Sweep to complete the set of  the main Decepticons I have wanted for years but for now I’m content and satisfied with these and I’m glad I didn’t get rid of Sovereign when I was cleaning out last time.

February6th2018Votron1Feels like it took BBTS forever to get these in stock and then Fed Ex forever to get it to USPS which took at least a day to get it to me so I’m happy to be finished with the Playmates Classic 84 Voltron Set and once again having to find storage space for another set of Voltron accessories.

As usual it’s not without it’s flaws when one gets a set like this mostly just some paint app flaws but overall it’s a good set and it looks great with the old Trendmasters set that’s sitting on the shelf so I won’t be handling this one that often but it’s a nice little set that’s worth getting.

I didn’t bother to play around with the Lions since I went straight to getting it into Voltron form and it will be displayed in Voltron form for a while.

After hunting this one up on ebay and grabbing a customized one cheap I had to find a way to cover the hands that were visible on the front and found a piece that worked perfectly on ebay from a seller that was making 2 pieces for Rodimus Prime and that little piece works great to make it look so much better and I wish hasbro had done a little bit more work on this figure to make it look like this straight from the package so I’m happy with how this figure looks now with that front piece added too it.


The Toyworld Dinobots were neat, took a little bit but ended up getting all of the ones that I wanted to get to go with Masterpiece Grimlock and I don’t feel like looking into anymore 3rd Party figures after getting the KO Spear. After getting these I’m TEMPTED to find their Generation 1 Vintage counterparts but I don’t want too and just have no real need at the moment to look up more figures since I am satisfied with things right now and the last of the Power of the Primes Dinobots are on preorder at BBTS so now I don’t have to do anything else for a while.

Preorder and Forget that has become my routine with the Transformers I’m preordering as of late.

Feels like it’s now to the point I no longer have to go hunting for figures and as of late budgeting things very well so it’s getting to where I question the need to spend anything else on figures since the room is still full of figures in some areas and there isn’t much of a need anymore to keep doing this for much longer and I am happy with what I have at the moment so that helps with reducing what is done with this hobby to almost nothing in a month’s time.

That’s it for this update, like the last time the next will be whenever I feel like updating this blog again.


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