Collection Additions 2/16/18: Star Trek figures and ships coming in.

Well this month’s collecting cycle was originally planned to be limited to one or two things but that changed after I was hit with a wave of Nostalgia almost to the point of one being obsessed with getting a few things after going to the Hobby Shop and Animax this month.

Part of me says I shouldn’t have gone out but after being stuck at home for most of the month I had to get out and seeing a wall of old Playmates Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine figures at the Hobby Shop helped to restart my interest in that line since the old Star Trek series figures are still some of my favorite toys and it was worth it since it was a nice refreshing injection of renewed interest in collecting figures so I’m actually happy I went out.

While I was out I ended up budgeting things very well and came home with a Star Trek Generations Klingon Bird of Prey and a Titans Returns Deluxe Scourge from wave 1 of the series, since that trip I had been scouring ebay for super cheap Playmates Star Trek Ships and I’m starting to drift back into wanting to collect Exosquad so had to pick up a General Shiva Amphibious Assault E-frame for the collection.


I think the thing that has made my week a great week was picking up a Playmates USS Voyager for $50 and that helped to get me back into collecting the Star Trek ships since I want to rebuild my fleet of ships since I got rid of a bulk of it during the collection purge last year when I was loosing interest in having a ton of stuff so now it feels like I’m slowly returning to normal with collecting.

Today was a good day to scour ebay for deals and lately I’m becoming more of an ebay hawk to where I’m getting up to check for deals that I can fit into this month’s collecting budget and so far budgeting has been successful and if March is going to be a great month all I need to do is finish off with getting rid of the B-Wing and the AT-TE Walker and that would be it for sales and what’s made from that just helps keeps things relaxed.

Ended up getting a lot of 7 Star Trek Enterprise Art Asylum Away Team figures that had the main crew in EVA Suits and a custom made Reed and Mayweather and Dr.Phlox was in the lot so for $35 that was a steal of a deal for those figures.

During my usual late night ebay searches came across a new in package Shuttlecraft Goddard for only $19 so that saved me a little bit since the Shuttle at the Hobby Shop was almost $30 so I can pick up more of the figures they have on the shelves there so that means I’m just getting the Borg Cube that I passed up on last time and picking up some DS9 series figures that were $4 each so I am super happy to be able to budget the next outing ahead of time.

Last thing I may pick up when I am out is the Diamond Select Starship Legends Excelsior that has been gathering dust at the Animax shop for the last few months since the last time I went was sometime last year and I may have to pick that ship up and rescue it from it’s isolation.

So far this month’s additions will be Star Trek and at least 2 Transformers since I scored the Platinum Edition Blaster and Perceptor set at a good deal with Best Offer and Generation 1 Micromaster Skystalker.

I was planning to try and get Micromaster Countdown but I’m restraining myself since I don’t have a lot of display space so if I’m able to get the Platnum Edition Insecticon set and maybe Takara Legends Blitzwing that may be it for Transformers and I can focus entirely on Star Trek for the next few months.

Picked up a Star Trek Voyager Seven of Nine poster that was super cheap and managed to squeeze that into the budget and I’ll have to switch out one of my older posters in the frame to display this one.

So far the current list of Additions for this part of February:

Playmates USS Voyager
Playmates Star Trek TNG Goddard Shuttle
Star Trek Enterprise Away Team Figures
Star Trek Voyager 7 of 9 24×36 Poster
Exosquad General Shiva Amphibious Assault E-frame
Transformers Platinum Edition Blaster and Perceptor
Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Skystalker


All things considered this has been a good week for adding new things into the collection and after picking things up at good deals I’m satisfied with what’s been spent and if I can keep restraining the nostalgia fueled urges to get more figures March will be a good month.

2 Weeks to go till next month and the last part of the month will be spent waiting for new additions again so I just need to relax and I’ll have to find a display stand for Voyager so hopefully that will be something that’s easy to find.

That’s it for this late night update.


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