Collection Additions 2/23/18: Star Trek The Next Generation Figures and Ships!

Well after a trip back to the Hobby Shop I ended up getting 12 more figures and the Borg Cube that I passed up last time. Went back to Animax and rescued the Diamond Select Femme Fatales Borg Queen and Seven of Nine Statues and after that shopping excursion went home to find a lot of packages to open and it was a busy day on Tuesday this week.

Since then I have been adding more to the collection picking up some Exosquad E-frames and more Star Trek figures for the collection and I’ve added almost 50+ Star Trek figures to the collection this month and have set off that mental debate over what to clean out to regain shelf space to display things so it’s back to not doing anything for a while or if I can get my Self Restraint high enough I can shut down as planned since I don’t want to keep collecting for another year so I have to make sure that I’m satisfied and content with what I have and not feel obsessive again.

So between the Hobby Shop trip’s additions and what was picked up off ebay this was the result and it’s been a long time since I added in this many items to the collection since I’ve been focused on limiting what I do in preparation for shutting down collecting.

The Borg Cube was the main reason for going back to the Hobby Shop since the box’s condition was in pretty good condition for it’s age and the price was close to what I would have paid to get one off ebay so it was logical to get the Cube locally instead of paying more for it online.

I was pleasantly surprised with finding the Garak figure at the Hobby shop and wanted to find more Voyager series figures mainly of the command crew but they only had Chakotay and Harry Kim so ended up picking up some of the TNG Series figures that I wanted to complete my set of Series 1 and 2 figures that’s coming in next week and right now only need about 4 or so figures to complete the first two series of Star Trek The Next Generation figures.

February20th2018Borg1These were pretty cheap at Animax and they had sold the Excelsior that I was going after so decided to grab these and picked up the Deanna Troi figure for this set for $13 off Amazon and the set was completed before the week’s end.

February20th2018EnterpriseAwayTeam1This set of the Art Asylum Enterprise Away Team figures was a nice pick up off Ebay with two Custom Made figures in the set of Mayweather and Reed so the entire Enterprise Command Crew is in the collection in figure form and that made this worth getting since I love the details on this set and the EV Suit Designs from Enterprise are a favorite design of mine so these are pretty cool to look at.

February20th2018ShuttleCraft1February20th2018Shuttlecraft2This was one of the month’s cheap pick ups off ebay and cost me less than what the shuttle at the Hobby Shop cost so it worked out pretty well to get it online and I’m pleased with the condition of the box and right now the shuttle hasn’t been opened but I may open it soon since it’s a cool little ship.

Got the Klingon Attack Cruiser from the same seller the Shuttle came from and it was another pick up at a good price, the more I look at the box art from the TNG Playmates line the more I begin to become fixated on Box Art and packaging of the older toys from the 90’s since I love box art and it was cool to see Box Art and it feels like it’s something rare these days to see on toys since most figures are now in Window Boxes and just have a photo of the figure on the box front or back with very little art on them so I’m glad to have lived through an period of collecting where there was some pretty decent box art on figure and vehicle boxes.

I had an few opportunities over the last few months to get Voyager into the collection but since I was working on spending less and steering myself away from toy lines like this I ended up succumbing to temptation and picked this up for about $50 total [That’s with shipping since it was $40] and it’s one of the few things bought this month that cost that and looking at the condition of the ship it was worth it and I’ll invest in an Acrylic Display Stand for it sometime later but I’m happy to have Voyager back in the collection because this is one of the rarest of the Playmates ships and I’m still surprised at how expensive Voyager goes for on ebay some listings have it over $200 if it’s sealed in box and snagging it for $50 was a great deal and I’ll have to find a nice temporary display spot for it till I can get a stand for it and get batteries into this one since it’s sound and light effects are pretty cool.

Getting Voyager started my descent back into collecting Star Trek because the more I looked at the older figures the more I liked them and then remembering why I started to collect them years ago and ended up spending what feels the whole week scouring ebay for figure lots listed for less than $30 since that’s the easiest way to get a lot of these figures into the collection but looking at the lot assortments I find getting those would result in having duplicates in the collection and I don’t have space for duplicates.

The first set of figures to be picked up on ebay was the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Series 1 figure set from a local seller who delivered those and that helped to keep me fixated on the Star Trek toy line since I was spending a lot of time checking the Memory Alpha page for the Playmates toyline to see just how many Star Trek figures had been released and I’m surprised at how many were out there and decided to stick with just the main characters I wanted and make small lists of figures so I can stay focused only on those and not get distracted by something from another line and stay within the toy collecting budget.

This month started off with getting the new Playmates Voltron Classic set and that’s what set off my renewed interest in the older Playmates toy lines and the more I looked at what was out there it made me think about how many of those toyline series were favorites of mine growing up and I had to jump back into collecting some of those lines and Exosquad was the first one on the list and had to grab a General Shiva E-frame and while I was searching for Star Trek figures ended up looking up Exo Squad and SeaQuest DSV figures and got distracted from a few things and ended up doing a bit more than I planned for this month.


Found a few cheap Exosquad E-frames spending less than $30 on those and that added up fast so have to restrain that obsessiveness and right now I don’t have a lot of space for new things so gotta shut down anyway next month and do a small clean out of some of the collection or pack things away to reclaim shelf space.

Got in the Micromaster Skystalker that I was waiting for and after getting the Platinum Edition Blaster and Perceptor set in I’m finished with the Generation 1 figures for a while since I’m still waiting for the Platinum Edition Insecticon set to get in so gotta have a stopping point with that since I can’t keep collecting if I’m collecting a half a dozen toy lines at the same time since that eats up my budget when I’m collecting vintage figures or reissues.

Ended up having another bout with Nostalgia thinking about the first toy line I collected and that was the Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line and that resulted in spending time hunting through the storage cabinets,a storage closet,and some filing cabinets to find the old Special Collectors Edition 4 pack set that had been stowed for decades since getting it and it’s still here somewhere since it had been packed away a long time ago and once I find it it’s going on display with the other figures in the room.

After snagging cheap Exosquad E-Frames it’s time to settle in for the month, picked up parts for some E-frames to get those almost complete and right now waiting for about 5 E-Frames:

Wolf Bronski’s Ground Assault E-Frame
Marsala’s Rapid Assault E-Frame
Pheaton with Neosapien Command E-Frame
Typhonus with Neosapien High Speed Stealth E-Frame
Thrax with Neosapien Fighter

Tried to stick with one toy line this month but after getting hit with a few waves of Nostalgia that ended up wrecking my main plans but I’m not over budget and just have to go back to getting the old self restraint back up to where it needs to be and kinda glad that I didn’t consider getting the old Babylon 5 figure line again so right now just waiting to see if I’ll get the lot of SeaQuest figures I’m after and one or two more Star Trek TNG items so this has been a full collecting Cycle and if it’s going to be one of the last few cycles I might as well make it a fun one.

The last nice surprise for the month was getting a set of the Art Asylum Broken Bow Deluxe Bridge Sets new in package for only $29 and that’s something I’ll try to keep sealed since I never had the set of those two and only had Archer’s set at one time, it will remind me to hunt for T’pol’s set but that one costs too much and I will have to be satisfied with having Archer and Reed’s set in the collection.


Getting all these figures added to the collection set in motion a plan to clear out my Transformers Takara Legends figures since I was looking at those and while they are neat I find myself getting tired of the Titans Returns line again so I may pack away a lot of those and get rid of the ones I don’t want instead of getting rid of all of them and end up having to rebuy them later when I get sucked into Transformers again so packing stuff away is the best choice at the moment so lots of work ahead to keep things managed and organized so the collection doesn’t fill up every inch of space in the room again.

At this point in the month I can’t afford to do much of anything else due to splurging a bit on this and it reminded me of why I’m working to do less with the hobby because I have a stack of figures here and once all the latest additions get in it will be that long period of waiting before I can do anything else and it’s time to close things down for a while since I have been working towards shut down and I need to stick to that goal instead of getting sucked back in.

Still working on staying within budget and still working on trying to meet my main goals for this part of the year while trying to have a little bit of fun with the Collecting Hobby before time runs out for that since that’s almost over so all I can do is try to relax and enjoy things before ending my time as a collector by mid 2018, I said a lot of times that 2018 was going to be my last year as a collector and I intend to make sure I stay focused on that goal of finishing things up if it’s possible.

That’s it for this update.


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