Collection Update 2/14/20: More Mobile Suits on the way.

Now starting on getting the items off my My Figure Collection Wishlist and the first items to be picked up are the MSIA Char’s Counterattack Re-gZ plus the RX-78-2 Gundam Deluxe set.

Snagged those two in a lot at a good deal with free shipping so now I’m down to waiting till the weekend to get anything else, this collecting cycle will be very very short and I will have more boxes to find storage space for and more accessories to find storage space for.

Looking forward to next week, a lot of what’s been picked up today will be coming in and I don’t feel a need to get a lot of other Mobile Suits now that the Gundam Deluxe RX-78-2 with the G-Fighter is coming and I need to pull out the old Gundam Deluxe Nu Gundam that is in storage to display with the Re-gZ.

Going to have to make sure I don’t spend a lot this month because things are adding up quickly as usual and need to get through the weekend and the rest of the month without doing a lot.

Only things I need to tend too are picking up some more Groceries and I don’t eat out that often so as I get closer to being finished with the Wishlist on MyFigureCollection I’ll be back to finding display space for the newest figures.

5 items left to acquire to finish off what’s left in the Wishlist there.

It’s 11pm and I am tired and don’t need another late night.

That’s it for this update.

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