Collecting Log 12/25/23: Time for a break for the next few weeks.

With January about over I’m now in my Mandatory waiting period before acquiring anything else.

So far with the headaches the collecting hobby has caused this month I’m eager to not do much of anything else for the next 2-3 weeks and will not be going out to check anywhere and as usual cooking meals at home to avoid spending anymore $$$$

At this point I feel like staying under the bedsheets for the next week or so, cold weather and rainy weather put me out of commission and at least I’m feeling better after having a nice bowl of soup for dinner and hopefully can rest tomorrow.

Waiting on 2 DVDs to arrive and 1 Manga to arrive Tomorrow.

Waiting for the X-Men Blackbird to get shipped and that was picked up from a new seller on ebay so I really hope that works out well and won’t be dealing with a scammer seller there, I don’t really have any faith anymore in Ebay’s Feedback rating system on sellers now and with how tired I am of dealing with ebay and online shopping I’m again past ready to not bother with it for the next few weeks.

Only things left to get are parts for that X-Men Blackbird Jet and that would finish up the last of my remaining current hunts, tempted to get a Batmobile that caught my eye but looked at the Silver One I got this month and talked myself out of that.

Next month will have to get the Batman Beyond Batmobile and the Batman Vs Superman Batmobile so a few weeks till those are acquired and a few of the other Lightyear Hyeprspeed Ships so a few things to get next month but I will be cutting back on that now that I’ve gotten almost everything I really wanted to get for a while this month.

Did see that Walmart got the Transformer I have been looking for in stock on the website but as usual with the way Walmart is they were having Technical difficulties so I might as well write off getting Transformers Legacy Cosmos.

With the weather being in the 30’s I’m not going to move or do much at all and sleep tomorrow away.

Got a lot here to cook with so feels like could have pretty good meals at home for the next week or two and after having the Chinese Buffet today that satisfied the Craving I had for that but didn’t feel like eating much at the Buffet but the Salt and Pepper Shrimp was great and the Egg Drop Soup was warm and filling so a nicer smaller meal there didn’t waste anything so it worked out.

If I do go out for anything over the next few weeks it would be to our local Chinese Restaurant that has some great Egg Drop Soup and with this weather being as cold as it is it’s weather for Warm Soup.

It’s nice and quiet and 11:30pm so time to get to bed and at least I’m not sneezing hopefully can get some good solid rest the next few days.

I just want to sleep and rest.